Week 8 – Raspberry time

Can’t believe we are already in Week 8 and I think I’ll be saying this every time I’m one week farther.  This pregnancy is going so fast already.  Yesterday I picked up a carton of raspberries and when George and I were getting ready to take the picture he was amazed at how big the baby is already.  Last week the little blueberry in my belly could have fit in this raspberry I’m now carrying.  Take a look at the progress and my weekly update.

Yikes....I'm starting to show!

*How far along?: 8 weeks and 4 days

*Total weight gain: Haven’t weighed myself since last doc appointment but I’ll find out tomorrow!

*How big is baby?: the size of a raspberry, he/she is getting so big!

*Maternity clothes?: nope, still wearing my regular clothes.

*Sleep?: I’m extremely tired and have been sleeping pretty good minus getting up 2-3 times per night to go potty.

*Best moment this week?: getting to tell the Wenstrup cousins that I’m pregnant.  I also told my aunt Lori and she screamed she was so excited!

*Movement?: Nothing yet!  I’m moving though, George and I are trying to do as many walks at night as we can.

*Food cravings?:  more like food aversion!

*Labor signs?: Nope

*Belly button in or out?: In but my belly button ring fell out on Monday morning and when George found the ring it was too late to try and put it back in.

*What I miss: Energy (same from week 7)

*What I’m looking forward to: next doc appointment this week, this is all soooo exciting.

*Milestone: this isn’t a positive thing but I have the world’s largest and most painful zit on my chin (you can see it in this picture).

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