Maternity clothes HEAVEN!

This morning I get to work in my normal day attire, jeans and nice top with my Corban sandals.  Nothing fancy but like I said it was “normal” day work attire.  As my boss comes in he asks, “meeting still on at 1pm today?”  CRAP!  I am not wearing appointment attire just normal work attire, this calls for a fashion emergency but not just any emergency, a maternity fashion emergency.

Working downtown certainly has its pluses and one being that I can get to a Macy’s in less than 7 minutes.  I hop over to Macy’s to check the shoe department first.  Clearance rack please.  Pick up a cute pair of Brandolini gray short pumps and the cashier tells me that they are on sale for $13.00 (originally $49.99) but as he actually rings them up they turn out to be $11.97.  Score!

Next, on to the Women’s department where I’m thinking I’ll pick up some large black pants and call it a day.  I see this sweet sales lady and ask her, “you don’t have a maternity section, do you?”  She smiles and says, “honey, we have the BEST maternity section I’ve ever seen!”  That could be a sales pitch but I didn’t care, I was headed up one more floor to see this BEST maternity section.  And there it was…..Maternity clothes HEAVEN!  When in heaven, look for an angel and I found mine.  She saw the deer in headlights look I was giving her and she ran over to me to find out what I was trying to purchase.  I told her I had been super frustrated because my regular pants are uncomfortable but most maternity pants are too big, then she pointed me in the right direction to these amazing black pants and cute tops.  She said that Wednesday were days that she marked things down, ever Wednesday.  OH no, this angel also has a devilish side because I might be stopping by every Wednesday!

The good news, I bought cute short pumps for $11.97 and walked out with two pairs of amazing black pants that I’ll be able to wear for most of the winter and a cute black/white top.  Plus, I have my maternity clothes HEAVEN.

Now lets see how many of my co-workers (I work with all men by the way) will notice that I changed my entire outfit at lunch in less than a half hour.

5 thoughts on “Maternity clothes HEAVEN!

  1. What a great experience….and now you have found your heaven! all on a budget too….even better. Curious to hear if any of the men noticed…. they are kind of oblivious aren’t they?!?!

    • Budget and comfort – those are the main “biggies” for me. One guy did sort of a double take so I’m wondering if he is just being polite. Should be an interesting experiment.

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