Week 10 and 3/4

Didn’t know I’d be writing my Week 10 post the night before my 11th week but there is a story behind this!  George and I don’t go to the same website when we get the baby weekly updates.  I typically go to one of two websites and they are http://www.thebump.com or http://www.babycenter.com and I’m registered with a profile on both.  George however has just been using Google and typing in “pregnancy week x” then looking at the first website.  This has been okay up until this week when my websites said I was either a kumquat (WHAT?) or a prune and George’s website said lime.  On my website, the baby isn’t a lime until next week and we had a little debate as to what fruit to use.  This is how this got narrowed down, we couldn’t find a DAMN KUMQUAT!!  The produce manager at Kroger asked me why I wanted to buy one and his direct quote was, “them there are ugly!”  I don’t want to have anything representing my baby that’s considered “ugly” but I found a prune and that wasn’t so pretty either but we ran out of time and here we are at Week 10 and 3/4.

Week 10 and 3/4 - our baby is the size of a prune

*How far along?: 10 weeks and 6 days

*Total weight gain: 1 pound (according to doc office 2 weeks ago)

*How big is baby?: the size of a prune about 1.2 inches

*Maternity clothes?: Y-E-S!!!  Thank the lord for the crazy stretchy material where the bump perfectly fits.  I feel soooo much better while wearing maternity pants.  Thanks to all my lovely friends who have donated to my closet.

*Sleep?: my sleep has been terrible, I’m waking up to pee still and I have tossed and turned just about every night.

*Best moment this week?: when friends gave me their cute maternity clothes!

*Movement?: Nothing yet!  I’m moving though, George and I are trying to do as many walks at night as we can (this is still true!)

*Food cravings?:  I am loving the frozen cherries and I was also loving hummus and pita chips this week.

*Labor signs?: Nope

*Belly button in or out?: In

*What I miss: I’m not going to lie about this one….I miss BEER!!!!! (still do!!!)

*What I’m looking forward to: September 20th is our next doctor appointment and we get to hear the heartbeat again.

*Milestone: (George’s answer to this question) I have farted more than any human being should.  Well, I can’t help it!

4 thoughts on “Week 10 and 3/4

  1. as far as peeing…….get used to it a LOT over the next few months. And sneezing and a cough…….well……..panty liners are helpful!!
    love you!

    • haha, so true! My brother’s girlfriend is also prego and we were both at my parents camper this past weekend continuously going to the bathroom. I should have bought stock in Cottonelle because we are going through toilet paper much faster than normal.

    • LOL, well I just took the produce manager’s word on the ugliness but should have pursued since prunes are damn ugly too. Also, I don’t know what the heck to do with this big bag of prunes. I tried one and I don’t think I could try another!

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