Our Nesting begins!

Last night George and I ventured out to make our second biggest purchase as a married couple, we bought our “family vehicle.” Castrucci Ford innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Milford (you would laugh if you have heard this commercial on the radio or TV) was the place to be and thanks to Bobby Castrucci (and Kat for hooking us up) we were able to get a great deal on a 2009 Ford Edge SEL.

Should we name it?

This baby is loaded!  We didn’t realize how well we did on this purchase but we are absolutely in love with our new car, er crossover SUV.

As soon as we pulled up in the mighty Aveo our salesguy, John Clark, tossed us the keys to what is now our SUV.  He told us to take it for a test drive and we did just that.  No paperwork needed when you know Bobby Castrucci I guess.  We headed over to my Aunt Sue and Uncle Jack’s house to pop in for Beth’s Tastefully Simple open house (mini plug, she has this going on Saturday too!) to pick up some beer bread and a car seat for the grandparents then came back and started the deal.  It was hilarious because we were gone for about 20-25 minutes and we come back to the dealership with a bag full of “groceries” and a car seat.  Who does that?  I guess we do!

What felt like a decade later we were signed and ready to hop in our new vehicle.  We had to put the sun roof back (there are 2) and drove out to visit a few friends and then showed off the SUV to my family.  The best part is that this baby is roomy!  Dad drove and Mom was in the passenger seat while George, Brian and I were all in the back.  We had plenty of room and were all comfortable.  Speaking of plenty of room, my father-in-law said that it had enough room for more kids!  Do you think this man wants grandkids or what?

Overall we are extremely happy about our purchase and would recommend buying a Ford Edge at Castrucci Ford innnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Milford.

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