Week 12: All the plums are HUGE!

Yesterday I went Krogering for some healthy baby-friendly foods and I was also on a mission to find the fruit of the week that is the size of Baby Herron.  At least this week my fruit isn’t nasty and ugly but I will say it wasn’t easier to find.  I was of course talking on the phone but had to quickly get off because my multi-tasking really isn’t up to par these days.  I was on a mission to find a plum and didn’t think it would be that hard of a mission.  I pull the cart up to what I thought was a plum but was so confused because these bad boys were huge.  These “plums” were snug between the white nectarines and nectarines which were clearly labeled, my “plum” was not labeled which sparked more concern.  I must have been standing there a while because a man came out of no where and said, “are these plums?”  Glad I’m not the only one!  We debated a while then finally found the produce manager to ask him.  Sure enough, we were looking at the plums.  So I decided to dig for the most normal looking plum I could find for our picture.  What do you think?

The plum is in my hand, can you see it? If not check out the other pic! P.S. where am I looking?

{How far along?} 12 weeks and 4 days

{Total weight gain} 4 pounds (just weighed yesterday!)

{How big is baby?} the size of an average PLUM, not the ones at Kroger on steroids

this was the average size, it is still big! Grow Baby Herron, Grow!

{Maternity clothes?} I’m still in this weird middle stage where some maternity clothes are still too big but my other clothes are too snug.  I was told to buy this band and never got around to it.  Maybe I’ll just wear more Yoga pants.

{Sleep?} I’m still tossing and turning and having the most interesting dreams.  If I remember them I’ll try to add them to the next post!

{Best moment this week?} Hands down, hearing Baby Herron’s heartbeat yesterday.  We were at the doctor office (love Dr. Caligaris) and he found the heartbeat.  Once I heard that sweet sound I was so relieved and happy and then I felt this urge to go buy something for Baby Herron, shocked?  Didn’t think so!

{Movement?} Nothing yet!  I’m moving though, George and I are trying to do as many walks at night as we can (this is still true!)

{Food cravings?} I had a hankering for some carmel swirl ice cream and settled on the slow churned light ice cream.  It was GOOOOOD!

{Labor signs?} Nope but that damn heartburn was a bear.

{Belly button in or out?} In

{What I miss} What is wrong with me, I still miss beer!  I also had a mouth watering moment while thinking about Cherry coke, I am going to love a big ass glass of fountain cherry coke with ice right after this baby is born.  Who is going to be in charge of that?  Any volunteers?

{What I’m looking forward to} Our next appointment is October 18th and we’ll hear the heartbeat again.  I’m also excited that we are now telling EVERYONE that we are expecting, that is super fun!

{Milestone} Getting passed the first trimester, woo hoo go team Herron!

One thought on “Week 12: All the plums are HUGE!

  1. The produce guys at Kroger are going to start looking at you weird as week by week you come in to find the perfect sized ‘fruit’…..LOL…..Love the updates Jes……and glad you are past the first trimester! xoxox

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