Week 13: Fuzzy Peach

We made it past the first trimester!  The crowd goes wild and the Herron family is excited to be moving into our next stage of pregnancy.  And I’m waiting patiently to get all my energy back, still waiting!  The first trimester could have been worse, I only lost my cookies a few times but just felt queasy and tired.  Lets face it, we’ve all heard those horror stories where the woman is constantly hugging the toilet, you may be one of them, but I hardly did that at all.  As we enter the second trimester I should be getting my pregnant glow, I’ll be on a close watch for this as I’ve been really sick of seeing all these teenage girl pimples all over my face.  The other exciting news is that our baby is now the size of a peach, a fuzzy little peach!  See below all the fun stuff going on so far in Week 13.

wonder if the baby is as fuzzy as the peach I'm holding?

{How far along?} 13 weeks and 4 days

{Total weight gain} 4 pounds (weighed last week)

{How big is baby?} the size of an average PEACH, we bought ours this week at Shaw Farms in Milford.

{Maternity clothes?} I’m pretty much wearing maternity pants these days.  Although, I love wearing my yoga pants to work I’m moving into more professional pants.  My maternity jeans don’t really fit but my normal ones don’t either, ugh, I just want to wear some damn jeans!!!!  Maybe I’ll need to by the band, Shari said it was on sale at Target this week.

{Sleep?} Haven’t had much of a good nights sleep but can catch up on weekends when Mr.Preggers lets me sleep in till about 10:30.  One dream I had was that I was already awake and taking a shower but then Mr. Preggers nudged me and I woke up to the reality that I was running 15 minutes late and still in bed.  Darn, maybe next time!

{Best moment this week?} There have been so many great moments!  Got to meet up with my friend Molly recently and she gave Baby Herron its first official baby gift of diapers and two little toys.  One was a frog toy and the other was a pig, that will be one lucky baby.

{Movement?} George and I slacked on our walks this past week and with this weather we might slack again.  I did buy a membership to the Sharonville Recreation Center so that we could walk on their track or treadmill so we might start that if the weather is still bad.

{Food cravings?} Today I had to eat Skyline chili or I was going to beat someone up trying to get it!  Luckily my boss was okay with Skyline too and we had a great lunch after some morning meetings.  Thanks to my client for the $1.00 off coup, I love my coups!

{Labor signs?} Nope!

{Belly button in or out?} In

{What I miss} FOUNTAIN CHERRY COKE!!!!  I already made Kat promise me that the second I delivered baby Herron that she would be waiting for me with a LARGE fountain cherry coke.  She was excited to have that job along with the other necessities for delivery day.

{What I’m looking forward to} This is an iffy answer as you all know how much I love cleaning!  I’m being bugged by Mr. Preggers to clean out the guest room which also doubles as a junk room for the baby.  We’ve been downgrading our junk and trying to make room for a third body in this house.  I’m looking forward to getting organized, I guess!

{Milestone} Second Trimester!!!

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