Flu shot, why do you make me suffer?

This past Tuesday night Mr. Preggers and I followed my gyno’s instructions and got flu shots.  It was nice that Kroger (Mr. Preggers place of employment) gives out free shots so we signed up for the first round and got them done.  I was really nervous the whole day and kept telling Mr. Preggers that he would have to hold my hand because I knew it was going to hurt.  I watched as Mr. Preggers got his flu shot and it seemed like a breeze, he didn’t even know he was getting the shot.  I slightly think he was fibbing about this so I wouldn’t freak out but either way when it was my turn it still hurt.  Felt like someone was pinching me but nothing I really couldn’t handle.

Fast forward a bit to Wednesday night about 24 hours later.

I was sitting in the pedicure chair at Salon Bastille (rough life, I know) and started to really feel terrible.  The aches, chills and that overall feeling like you got beat up in a bad fight was coming over me.  I quickly got out of the salon when I could and made my way home.  But isn’t it the worst when you feel like this and you have to actually concentrate and drive?  I honestly wanted to curl up in a little ball but knew I had to get home.  Once I got in the door George was wearing his hoody and didn’t look that great either.  He was having the same symptoms and we were both freaking out that we actually GOT the flu.  Our great friend, Rick, was at the house and said that after he got the flu shot he always felt like he had the flu for a few days, GREAT!  I got lots of sleep and stayed home from work today to sleep, drink lots of liquids and to get over this crappy feeling.

But this got me thinking, what are the actual benefits of a pregnant woman getting the flu shot?  I did it because my gyno told me to do it but did I actually need this shot?  Are those of you that are pregnant or have been pregnant also get the flu shot?  I’m an overall pretty healthy person, I take my pre-natal vitamins and Juice Plus and have been loading my body up on other great nutrients for the baby.  I feel like this step could have been skipped.

According to an article on Babycenter.com one woman asked this question and was told that not only is it safe to get the flu shot while prego but it can actually save my life and the baby’s life.  WOW, okay!  I kept reading and it was said that if a pregnant woman gets any kind of flu that it could have more serious complications such as pneumonia or preterm labor.

Okay, this is an eye-opening article and I guess that means I should quit my complaining and keep up the liquids to get better.  What do you think about the flu shot?  Are you getting one this year, prego or not?

7 thoughts on “Flu shot, why do you make me suffer?

    • Seriously mom, its the PITS!!! George said it didn’t hurt but I thought it did. After sleep and LOTS of liquids I felt fine by about 11am yesterday. Maybe you don’t have to get one….since we all got one!

  1. Well Jessi I get the shot every year have never had any side effects nor flu. Sara did not get her shot last year and got the flu.I also give flu shots and have only had a few say they had flu like symptoms keep drinking fluids is the most important things hydrate hydrate hydrate. I bet come friday afternoon your feeling better. And by the way I just love this herron web site 🙂

    • I wonder if it is because I haven’t got the shot in many many years? George and I both were feeling crappy so I think that may have been why b/c we never get it. I felt great at about 11am yesterday after sleep and lots of liquids.

      I’m glad you love the website, I’m having a lot of fun keeping track of everything here!

  2. I got it last year but I didn’t get the H1N1 shot. I had never had one before either because I am terrified of needles. Being pregnant has almost cured me of that fear. LOL! The shot didn’t bother me at all as far as making me sick. Just a little sore arm for a couple of days. My Ob said that it was important as well. All of the research that I did (I’m sure you remember how nervous we were about any shots.) said that it was extremely important because pregnant women are in the high risk group. Getting a serious case of the flu can be very scary for preggers and their precious cargo. I really hope you feel better soon.

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