Week 14 3/4 – when life gives you lemons, you’re making a baby!

This was obviously a busy week for the Herron household because in less than 24 hours I’ll be 15 weeks.  But I’ve committed to this blog no matter how BIG and gross I get or feel George and I will be taking weekly pictures of the belly!  Even if we are down to the wire on the last of the current week…WE ARE COMMITTED!  When life gives you lemons…..you’re making a baby!  This week the baby is the LENGTH of a lemon, not to be confused with size.  Our baby is thumb sucking (although I don’t think they can suck), toe wiggling and making pee pee.  Good job baby!

The length of a Lemon

{How far along?} 14 weeks and 6.5 days

{Total weight gain} 4 pounds (weighed 2 weeks ago at doc appt)

{How big is baby?} the length of a lemon.

{Maternity clothes?} I’ve started to pack away all the fall and winter clothes that won’t have a prayer squeezing onto this body this year and I have embraced the maternity clothes that I purchased.  I got some great buys at the Tri-state Multiples sale last weekend and picked up some nice tops and dresses for work.

{Sleep?} I’ve been dozing off around 10pm each night but have actually been getting used to this tossing and turning and I’ve been sleeping.  I will say that I’m doing this really annoying thing where I’ll wake up about a half hour before my alarm goes off just to go pee.  Then I sort of fall back asleep…..don’t you just hate when that happens?

{Best moment this week?} I’d have to say that one of the best moments was going to the Tri-State Multiples sale and picking up a cute high chair that is now proudly displayed in my dining room.   It was $35.00, I couldn’t pass up this deal especially since it looks brand new.  Check it out!

This makes me feel like a mommy!!!

{Movement?} We started off great with our walks last weekend and the beginning of the week but as said before we were super busy and totally slacked off.  And nope, can’t feel baby Herron yet.  I’m hoping in 5-6 weeks that I’ll be able to feel the little bean!

{Food cravings?} Wow, my food cravings couldn’t be more random if they tried.  Grocery shopping is actual torture because I just don’t know what I’ll want or what will sound good.  I’ve been eating lots of apples because of going to Rouster’s 2 weekends in a row but that is about it for a consistent craving this week.

{Labor signs?} Nope!

{Belly button in or out?} In

{What I miss} Feeling normal….let me explain!  I’m reallllllllly SASSY!  At work I’m smart mouthing people left and right.  Most of the co-workers find it funny thank goodness but I just don’t feel normal.

{What I’m looking forward to} I’m looking forward to this weekend, it is our 5 year anniversary tomorrow (also the start of 15 weeks).  George and I are going to Louisville for the whole weekend and we of course will be dining at our anniversary annual Jeff Ruby restaurant, YUM!  No bottle of Riesling this year but that’s okay, I’ll still get my mouth watering filet mignon and cheesecake to share.

{Milestone} Second Trimester!!!


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