Froggyville Nursery

Not even sure how to begin this post, I’m still so overwhelmed with absolute joy of how my weekend ended that I had to share.  If you are my family and friends then you all know that I love frogs, this is no secret.  You probably also know that I’ve always wanted to have a “Froggy” nursery for when I had a baby.  Well, George has known this too!  Ever since we had our first baby conversation (about 1 month into our first year of dating) I had told George that I wanted a frog-themed nursery.  The other thing you should know is that George and I LOVE going to Homearama and my favorite was seeing the hand-painted nursery especially if it was frog-themed.  To tie this all together….my Aunt Carolyn is a talented artist and has done hand-painted murals and themed nurseries many many times.  I’ve seen her work personally (my cousins have painted rooms) and I have dreamed of having our baby’s nursery done by my Aunt Carolyn.

Now that you have the back story…..let me fill you in on George’s surprise.

George started orchestrating the second best anniversary surprise back in April (first anniversary surprise was engagement….can’t top that) when he first emailed my Aunt Carolyn and told her that he wanted her to paint the nursery.  She gladly accepted the task and so began the great nursery surprise.  I have been taunted about this amazing surprise and how excited George has been about it and I can see why….this was the ULTIMATE gift!  Friday, October 8th George took off work and told me that he was going to be in a budget meeting all day so I couldn’t get a hold of him.  My mom also took off work and they both began tearing up the baby’s room and getting it prepped for Aunt Carolyn to start painting.  I rode with my dad to work so that George could pick me up on the way to Louisville (weekend stay for our anniversary) and I wouldn’t be home to see the progress.  The rest of the weekend my mom, Aunt Carolyn, and dad worked on the room.  Are you ready to see????


Tree with frogs and notice the princess frog puckering up her hot pink lips



More frogs with dragonflies...the detail is amazing!



the back wall, the "blank" spot is for a tall dresser. Also, the frog to the right is a George from the Beatles from Sgt. Pepper album. I love the 2 frogs above the window!



George and Ringo in the upper right corner



Here's Ringo and John next to the other window



the changing table that my grandpa built for Athena and Carter and now is being passed down to Baby Herron. Plus Paul hanging out near the closet.



The last section of the room. Mom is going to paint the closet doors white and I clearly have work to do in the closet!


You really need to see the paintings in person….that is the best way to get a feel for all the details.  I promise this room will take your breath away!  Let me know if you want to come over, George and I would love to have you take a look.

Lastly, the Froggyville Theme….we now have the bedding set (Thank you Uncle Steve, Aunt Carolyn, Gretchen, John, Zazycki girls, Kurt, Shannon and Wenstrup twins).


Our bedding set - our pack included the Comforter, Bumper Padding, Dust Ruffle, Fitted Sheet, Valance and Diaper Stacker


6 thoughts on “Froggyville Nursery

  1. I can’t wait to see it Jes……loved that George put this together and pulled off the surprise. We smiled all weekend knowing what you were coming home to….it’s fabulous!

    • you knew too?? I’m sure my mom was busting at the seams when George filled her in on his little surprise. OR did George tell you? I know how much he loves his Sandy!

  2. The nursery is absolutely beautiful. George did a wonderful job orchestrating your surprise. Mom, Dad and Aunt Carolyn did a great job. So happy for you.

  3. It is so awesome….we can’t wait to see it!!
    We are happy that you got your dream baby room, and baby Herron will love it. (can’t wait until we can say a name!!!)
    See ya soon!!

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