Week 15 and 3/4

Technically today I’m Week 16 but still wanted to get my Week 15 picture and update in before it was too late.  This was such a fun week, the nursery is completely painted and pretty much finished with getting it ready from a paint and hardware point.  We have one piece of furniture that was passed to me by my Aunt Karen who had my Grandpa build it from a Pottery Barn catalog.  Things are coming along and it feels more and more real as each day and week passes.  Last night when George and I took this picture it was about 11:15 pm after a pretty long day plus a fun time with my girls which of course includes LOTS of eating.  Why am I prefacing this picture?  Because I look HUGE.  Not HUGE but GINORMOUS (I made that word up)!  I was looking at my 14th week picture next to this one and couldn’t believe how large I actually look.  This baby is the size of an orange and I look like I swallowed a large melon.  Oh well, feast your eyes on this hot prize!


{How far along?} In this picture I am 15 weeks and 6.9999 days (was taken at 11:15 pm)

{Total weight gain} 4 pounds (weighed 3 weeks ago at doc appt)

{How big is baby?} the size of an orange

{Maternity clothes?} YUP!  I’m always in my maternity pants or I’ll rock the yoga style pants but with shirts it just depends.  I’ll wear some maternity tops because my normal tops don’t always fit over my belly.  The shirts will “creep” up the belly and it is not attractive.

{Sleep?} I’ve been getting decent sleep these past few days, I don’t really wake up in the middle of the night to pee which is nice and when I wake up I actually feel refreshed now.  It is a GREAT feeling.

{Best moment this week?} This is an EASY one, hands down best moment was seeing the nursery for the first time.  George knows that it was my dream to have the nursery painted in frogs but also by my Aunt Carolyn.  He absolutely made my dream come true and we both find ourselves wandering off into the nursery to just look around.  LOVE IT!

{Movement?} I have to say that I’ve been feeling these little flutter or bubbles in my tummy these last few days.  They sort of tickle and make me want to itch my stomach but this morning I read that these little feelings I’m having could be the baby moving.  How awesome is that?!?!  I’ll probably start to really notice movement in the next couple of weeks.

{Food cravings?} These are all over the board….I’m loving corn dogs!  Yep, corn dogs!  And if they are mini dipped in honey-mustard it is even better.  Plus, the other day I went to the little market downtown by work and picked up Milano cookies and a pickle.  That is strange!

{Labor signs?} Nope!

{Belly button in or out?} In

{What I miss} I’m going back to beer.  Last night I had some girls over and my great friend Heather was drinking the most wonderful smelling beer, Sam Adams Oktoberfest.  I was actually a bit jealous because I wanted a taste soooooooo bad!

{What I’m looking forward to} We have a doctor appointment on Monday and we’ll be hearing the heartbeat again.  I can’t WAIT to hear it!  Plus, we should be scheduling our next ultrasound which will hopefully be soon so that we can find out the sex of this BABY.  That is definitely something to look forward to.

{Milestone} Second Trimester!!!


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