Week 16 – Its been a big week!

Many exciting things happened to us this week….we heard the heartbeat and scheduled our next ultrasound.  Not to mention we had lots of visitors to check out Baby Herron’s nursery this week.  Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Herron for a few froggy additions to the nursery.

So I’m 16 weeks, still going fast!  This week the baby is the size and weight of an avocado, my favorite new fruit that helps make delicious guacamole, ole!  Check out the pic and updates below.

See how I'm smaller than last week? Told you it was gas!

{How far along?} 16 Weeks, 4 days

{Total weight gain} 8 pounds – weighed yesterday at the Doc office.  Wow… 4 pounds in one month but I guess that isn’t too bad especially since I hardly walked at all last week.  I’m not in this to lose weight but I certainly don’t want to see the day that my pounds jump to 15 or 20 or (yikes) 30!  Dr. Caligaris made it clear that he would like me to max out at 30 so that is what I’ll try to do.

{How big is baby?} the size of an avocado – Let me explain this one!  Thanks to my brilliant husband who has been doing lots of research on baby Herron, the size of the avocado is not the only factor but that the density (weight) and length is also a factor.  I was pretty confused at the grocery store going from the orange to the avocado until he explained this to me.

{Maternity clothes?} YES… no denying it!  I’m full in maternity clothes (minus a few t-shirts and those awesome yoga pants that I’ve never done yoga in before).  I am pretty much going to be wearing the same thing over and over again unless I step it up in the maternity department.  Lucky for me, Macy’s has a “One Day Sale” coming up!

{Sleep?} I’ve been getting decent sleep these past few days, I don’t really wake up in the middle of the night to pee which is nice and when I wake up I actually feel refreshed now.  It is a GREAT feeling. (still true)

{Best moment this week?} There are two best moments, that’s okay right?  Number 1 – hearing baby Herron’s heartbeat yesterday.  There is something about hearing the baby’s heartbeat that makes me feel relieved and happy all at once.  Number 2 – before I had to ask Dr. C. about our next ultrasound where we found out the sex he says it right off the bat that we will be getting it in 3 weeks.  THREE WEEKS!!!  Countdown starts now…21 days until the baby’s sex is revealed.  Who has two thumbs and is super excited?  This girl!

{Movement?} I have to say that I’ve been feeling these little flutter or bubbles in my tummy these last few days.  They sort of tickle and make me want to itch my stomach but this morning I read that these little feelings I’m having could be the baby moving.  How awesome is that?!?!  I’ll probably start to really notice movement in the next couple of weeks. (Still true!)

{Food cravings?} This past week was a funny one with cravings.  One day I went to Silverglades (near my office downtown) and came back with cookies and a pickle.  Another day I went to Silverglades and purchased mac & cheese and a pickle.

{Labor signs?} Nope!

{Belly button in or out?} In

{What I miss} I think everyone knows I miss beer…but what else do I really miss?  I’m quite comfortable in my own skin being pregnant and really enjoying every minute.  No complaints here!  I’ll tell you what I don’t miss… first trimester ever other 20 minutes going to the bathroom because I had to PEE!

{What I’m looking forward to} 3 weeks to find out the sex, that is the going to be so fun.  George and I have already made a pact that we will be making a purchase that evening for the baby once we find out if it will be wearing a dress or a cute sweater vest and jeans.

{Milestone} Heard the heartbeat again.

3 thoughts on “Week 16 – Its been a big week!

    • I was DEFINITELY thinking about doing yoga, I’ve heard it is a great technique for pregnant women (also, women in general). I’ll look into it and hopefully use my yoga pants for what they were made for instead of just comfort. Thanks M!

  1. I loved having those ‘butterfly’ feelings……it is almost not noticable and then …..there it is again and you know that is your little baby. It truly was one of my favorite ‘things’ each time I was pregnant. Enjoy!

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