I’m feeling…..

This is slightly a rant and slightly a blog post of confusion.  I’ve heard not once, not even twice but MULTIPLE times people ask me if I know what I’m having.  As in boy or girl, I know I’m having a baby!  I find this odd because I have no clue what I’m having and have no idea how one would know what they are having either.

I read a blog about a woman who is married and has one toddler and another on the way and she has a “feeling” that her second child is a boy.  You can read her blog post here: http://marriageconfessions.com/2010/10/07/i-dont-wanna-2/

What I want to know is this: How does one have a “feeling” or “just know” especially on their first child?  I get it, its a 50/50 shot at being right but how could you know if you have never experienced this before.  I would LOVE your insight or opinion if you have one.

Personally, I don’t have this overwhelming feeling that baby Herron is a boy or that baby Herron is a girl.  I do know that I’m having a baby!

***As an update***

I was participating in a focus group today (10/27) and one of the other participants told me she had a feeling about what she was having both times when she was pregnant.  I brought up my “feeling” about the feeling and she told me that she would post things to her blog and other moms would tell her, oh that means you are having a boy or oh that means you are having a girl.  For example, she had food aversion to meats when she was pregnant with her daughter and apparently that is pretty common.  Maybe I’m having a girl because I’m completely grossed out by meat.  Not a feeling…just another old wives tale!

4 thoughts on “I’m feeling…..

  1. People may not realize you haven’t had an ultra-sound yet, so that is why they are asking. Even with an ultra-sound, it may not be 100%….I’ve heard stories about them being wrong! Once you are closer to your due date, some people swear they can tell what you are having by the way you are carrying (wider vs basketball shaped etc.) but I don’t know which is which. Still think you should take a poll…my feeling is it’s a girl. Can’t explain it! Those of us who know you since birth, know how much FUN you and George will have with a sassy little mini-Jesy! Love ya bunches!

  2. I “knew” I was having a boy…you see how that turned out. 😉 I don’t think that you really can KNOW. I think that people can “think” that it is going to go one way or another and then they have a 50/50 chance of being right. So sometimes they will get it right and then others they won’t. I had several people who always got it right tell me that Aayla was going to be a boy. And these people NEVER missed (yeah right.). I know it has to be driving you crazy because you are dying to know but hang in there. For now, confuse the strangers by saying you are having a baby Herron. And tell your friends that they would know this info if they read your blog! LOL!

    • You are the best, that is a great answer. And YES…Y-E-S I am dying to know. 13 more days!

      Haha, too funny, I didn’t know you thought Aayla was going to be a boy. Glad she came out as a pretty little princess.

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