Week 17 – The Weight of an Onion

The onion that I held in my hands at the grocery store were all so large, there is NO way that baby Herron could be this heavy.  According to the websites that George and I go to, the baby weighs about 5 ounces and is about 5 inches long.  One website said the baby was the size of a turnip and the other said onion, not an onion specifically so I went with the red onion because that was my favorite.

We’ve had a busy week but I have to admit waiting to find out the sex of baby Herron is absolutely taking forever.  We still have 2 weeks left and I feel like we’ve already been waiting for so long.  Countdown to November 8 is 14 DAYS!!!!  In the meantime you can read all about my updates from my 17th week.

Is my belly bigger than my ghetto booty yet?

{How far along?} 17 Weeks, 3 days (in the picture but today I am 17 Weeks, 4 days)

{Total weight gain} 8 pounds – weighed last week at the Doc office.  Let me just point out that I’m getting weighed in at the doctor office in the afternoon.  My first weigh-in was in the morning, I think I like the morning weigh-ins better!

{How big is baby?} the weight and length of an onion – baby is 5 oz in weight and 5 in in lenth

{Maternity clothes?} YES… no denying it!  I find it funny when I think I can still wear some t-shirts at night but most of my regular tops look silly now trying to cover my belly.


{Best moment this week?} Baby Herron had some visitors this past week and one was Grandpa Herron!  The Big Guy flew in from Alabama for Grandma Herron’s XX Birthday (you have to fill in the number).  It was great because he was able to see the nursery along with Uncle CJ and Aunt Sarah.  I LOVE showing off the nursery.

{Movement?} I have to say that I’ve been feeling these little flutter or bubbles in my tummy these last few days.  They sort of tickle and make me want to itch my stomach but this morning I read that these little feelings I’m having could be the baby moving.  How awesome is that?!?!  I’ll probably start to really notice movement in the next couple of weeks. (Still true!)

{Food cravings?} I’m back to some serious food aversion, nothing is really sounding great to me.  I did totally KILL a bag of baked ruffles with french onion dip recently.  Not a proud moment when George asked if he could have a chip and there were crumbs.  I’m also really digging milk these days, not normally something I want to drink but it comes in handy.

{Labor signs?} Nope!

{Belly button in or out?} In

{What I miss} I miss having a normal nose, let me explain.  My nose is constantly runny and boogery and it totally grosses me out.  This has to be the WORST thing about this pregnancy so far!  But if that is the worst… I know I know it can’t be that bad.

{What I’m looking forward to} 2 weeks to find out the sex, that is the going to be so fun.  George and I have already made a pact that we will be making a purchase that evening for the baby once we find out if it will be wearing a dress or a cute sweater vest and jeans.

{Milestone} Heard the heartbeat last week and learned that the baby likes to be soothed by me (or George) rubbing the belly.

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