Pretend Pregnant Jesy

Almost exactly one year ago I was curious what I would look like if I were pregnant.  It was almost bed time and I was messing around with George and modeled what I would potentially look like as a pregnant Jesy.  How did I do this?  I stuffed a pillow under my shirt for the belly then took two full rolls of toilet paper and used them to supplement my boobs because I thought they would be HUGE (I’m not too far off on that part).  George took a picture of the pretend pregnant Jesy and thought it was so funny that he would write a section in his blog about it (all the way at the bottom of the blog).

I had pretty much forgot about this moment entirely until I walked into work this morning and noticed an email with the subject line saying, “pregnant jesy.”  Hmm… what could this be?  I’ll let you read the email by my designer friend/co-worker, Ryan.

“we all know and love pregnant jesy in this offce, right? no smart ass comments please.  some may have forgotten “pretend-pregnant” jesy. for all the new people, this is your chance to get to know jesy a little bit better. lol

apparently, she wanted to see what she would look like when she became pregnant…not. even. close jesy. we give you a d for effort though. lol”

Oh yes, he attached the pretend pregnant Jesy picture as well.  Ready to see this lovely picture?

I think I deserve more than a D

I quickly fired off an email to George that said, “Look what you started!!!!” and then got back the following response, “Ummm, YOU started this by shoving all that ridiculous crap in your shirt!”

I have zero response – the defense rests their case.  Enjoy the picture!

2 thoughts on “Pretend Pregnant Jesy

  1. Your boobs look like they are about to launch in to outer space in this picture!!! I say we use this to compare around month 9…..! 🙂

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