Non-Pregnant body vs. Pregnant body

I’m just about to my 5th month of pregnancy and I have to say I’m really noticing the differences between a pregnant body and non-pregnant body.  Let me throw out a few examples:

  • Non-pregnant body would be loving a spinning class right about now.  Pregnant body will not attempt to climb up into a stationary bike and clip her feet into pedals to climb hills, do jumps or make my butt completely sore for 48-72 hours.  I’ll just stick to walking.
  • Non-pregnant body has no problem trying to carry all the groceries in the house from the car in one trip to avoid the multiple trip thing.  Pregnant body can no longer lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk.  Are they kidding me?  Do you know what I lug around each day (purse, laptop bag)?  These are all heavier than a gallon of milk.
  • Non-pregnant body could drink Starbucks 3 times a week (who’s kidding who, its more like 3-5 times a week) without batting an eye.  Pregnant body barely gets one Starbucks a week because what is the point of decaf coffee?  That is a bunch of wasted calories on a fufu drink unless it keeps me awake all day.
  • Non-pregnant body could curl up on the sofa and sleep or curl up in bed and snuggle with hubby and sleep ALL through the night.  Pregnant body tosses and turns ALL night long, wakes up to pee and is constantly feeling uncomfortable.
  • Non-pregnant body would have no problems crawling under my desk at work because I dropped something under the desk.  Pregnant body has to beg co-workers to fetch the cap for my bottle of water, but as you see in the picture they will get a mini sweet tart as a treat!

    my collection under the desk that I'm not able to reach!

  • Non-pregnant body can put her socks and shoes on without thinking twice about the operation.  Pregnant body grunts and breathes super heavy every time I’m trying to put my socks on but at least I bought slip on shoes for the winter.  Thinking ahead!

2 thoughts on “Non-Pregnant body vs. Pregnant body

  1. Thanks mom, can you believe that the damn cap and piece of candy are still under my desk? The lazy bums I work with still haven’t retrieved them. I guess to be fair I only asked two and I knew they would say no. Let’s see if the cleaning crew get it on Tuesday.

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