Help! I need somebody. Help! Not just anybody.

George and I are calling out for help from friends, family, neighbors or just our virtual audience. We are looking to expand our “quick and easy” section of our recipe box.  Hear is our cry for HELP!

We recently had a conversation about how I am needing help in the kitchen department and once the baby comes I’ll really need the help so I raised the issue to George.  I asked him if he could help with dinner (my absolute WORST nightmare) and to start with just one night a week.  Our weeks are normally crazy anyways but if he could help with one night that would be extremely helpful.  There are even websites that help with making dinner just one night a month, have you ever heard of  I met the genius behind this amazing concept and she told me that she helps make dinner easy for the whole family.  Her concept goes something like this: make all the meals for one month in one day and freeze these meals with labels that she even puts together for you!  That way anyone in the family can get the dinner started. She even gives you the shopping list and tells you about sales going on at your local store for the month before so that you are also doing this on a budget.  So I mentioned this concept to George too.

He told me he would need to give this some thought to all this and he would get back to me.

Speed ahead less than 24 hours later and George says this: “I think it will be best if I start cooking all the dinners.”  My first instinct is to argue a bit and remind him that I was just wanting help one night a week.  Why am I arguing this fabulous-ness? George is telling me that he is the one that gets home about an hour or so before me and it makes sense for him to do the cooking for dinner and I’m trying to talk him out of it….WAKE UP JESY!  He then proceeds to tell me that he isn’t an idiot and can follow instructions for a recipe.  I sort of feel like the idiot because I really can not, I’m terrible at it but I’m confident that he will be the amazing cook for the family.  The two of us talked a bit about the new idea and George even had a plan.

The Plan

George and I would sit down on Sundays (early) and go through recipes that we would eat throughout the week.  We would also coordinate this with our schedule for the week.  No need to cook if neither of us are going to be home, right?  Once we go through the recipes and write down all the ingredients we’ll head to Kroger to pick everything up needed for the week.  He hates the idea of going to the store each day and I tend to agree since that’s what I do right now.  Its easier when you have a plan and that’s what we are going to do.

{Here is our plea for help…..”Red Rover Red Rover, please send your recipes right over” and p.s. George is very picky! }

10 thoughts on “Help! I need somebody. Help! Not just anybody.

  1. Jesy girl…..never turn down an offer like this. I have been trying to get Bill to take charge of one night a week for years…..and years……and years….to no avail. He still marvels at how I get everything to the table hot all at the same time!!
    That being said I am happy to share some quick and easy recipes for George….can you give me some idea of his likes and dislikes and I can pick out the best ones.

    • dislikes: onions, things that are green and most veggies in general. That being said, his wife LOVES veggies and would be happy with doing these on the side to add into a recipe once it is served.

      likes: cheese, meat, pasta, potatoes


  2. PS: When I read the title of this I thought you had moved your doctor appt up and we had a little Abby Road coming….LOL…..

  3. How do I get one that will cook and clean? I did just delegate trash and floor cleaning duties all to Isaiah! And I will go through all of my recipes and find some stuff that is quick and easy for you. And tell you hwo I modified them all to fit my own Mr. Picky. Can’t wait for the news today!

  4. I will look up some recipes….one thing I do is buy a bunch of ground beef and spend one day making meatballs (I then bake them in the oven), meatsauce (brown meat and a jar of sauce), meatloaf (bake in oven) and taco meat and then package it in portions for the freezer. On nights we are going to be busy, I take out a portion the night before or even that morning and you are more than half way there.
    Will George eat beans? I do an easy chicken enchilada casserole, using a rotisserie chicken …I add beans for more protein, but could be made without too!

  5. Look on the back of Campbell’s Soup cans. There are a ton of super easy receipes! The cream of chicken has a really good (and REALLY easy) Cheesy Chicken Casserole dish. 🙂

  6. GREAT IDEA GEORGE( sorry I had to agree with him Jesi) Woody gets home before me everynight during the week he cooks mon-thurs Fri we take the girls out Sat & sun my day to cook Woody like to do casseroles once in the oven your almost done. One of his fav is Potato Casserole
    Brown sausage and drain
    In a casserole dish put in some tater tots mix in the sausage add a can of mushroom soup bake till tater tots are done (according to pkg directions) top with shredded cheese put back in oven till cheese is melted enjoy. ( we even sometimes brown the sausage the night before )
    Let me know how this goes.

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