“Here Comes the Sun”

The only way the Doctors visit would have been better is if he would have offered me a sucker.

Well here we are, almost three weeks removed.  Everyday gets a little easier, but I think yesterday was the best day the Herron family (party of two for now) has had in the past three weeks.  Yesterday was another Dr.’s visit.  I have been geting a little stressed out when going to the Dr.’s lately considering that every time we have gone, it has gone exactly disastrously.  So what will be in store for us this time?  What burden will we have to bear this time?

Surprise!  It was all pretty much good news.

  • Jesy was cleared for work and driving!  And thank GOD!  Driving her around for three weeks has been nothing short of reliving Morgan Freeman’s experience in “Driving Miss Daisy.”  Every route I took to anywhere was wrong, and I heard all about it.  So Greater Cincinnati beware, Jesy is back.  And I know going back to work will help her.  It will be a good distraction and a return to normal that she is craving.  It’s hard to heal when all you can do is sit at home and think about what you have just gone through.
  • No more sad baby crap!  No soul crushing news, no heart stopping moments, no more watering eyes (must have been my allergies to tragic events), no more restrictions, no more sad looks from the nurses or doctors, no more bleeding, no more doom and gloom.
  • We got to talk about positive stuff.  When can we have sex?  When can Jesy start to exercise?  When can we start to try to have another baby?  When can we have sex?  What all is Jesy cleared to do (just about every thing)?  Oh and when can we have sex?


Finally, a trip to the doctor that didn’t leave me paralyzed and numb.  I think Jesy even smiled when she heard that she could go back to work.  Whew. What a nice feeling to leave the Dr.’s office and not want to run my car into a telephone pole.  Let the real healing begin, there’s nothing left for life to throw at me for now, so its time to sit back  and let the giant band-aid that is good news do it’s work.

To celebrate this, our first happy Doctor’s visit since hearing the heart beat for the first time, we went to El Pueblo’s for dinner and margaritas (for Jesy and Kat, not me).  We smiled, we laughed, we weren’t burdened with an overwhelming sadness.

And on top of all that it looks like Jesy and I will be a first time Aunt and Uncle!  Jami is at the hospital right now and I suspect that she will be delivering Mason in the next day or two.  I had Wednesday picked last week, so I’m kind of pulling for tomorrow!  A big congrats to both Matt and Jami, I’m so excited for you both, just more needed positive news for a family that has helped us carry our pain.

It might be sub freezing outside, but in our hearts the clouds have parted…..

“Here Come the Sun.”

5 thoughts on ““Here Comes the Sun”

  1. What a wonderful Blog, George! I am so happy for the both of you. Tragedy struck, and did some dirty work, but you have a strong relationship, and an awesome family and you are pulling through. We will continue to pray for both of you! Congrats on becoming an Uncle…it really is good practice for daddyhood!

  2. George…..so glad that your dr. visit was on a positive note. You and Jesy sure deserve some healing, after all that you have had thrown at you these past weeks. You both have been in our prayers, and we will continue to pray that comfort and healing will come to both of you, so that you may start to enjoy life again.
    Love ya both,
    Aunt Sue and Uncle Jack

  3. Here comes the sun……amen! Thanks for sharing such good news …as always George, I just love your writing……..and Yay! for Jesy returning to work. Thanks for the ‘warning’ that she is on the loose again… 🙂

  4. George, I have never met you ….but I sure do like you. No wonder Jesy loves you so much!!!!! It is wonderful to hear your positive remarks and know that the two of you are on the mend. You will still have your bad days, but look forward to better times ahead….and of course…..the sex!!!!

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