Avoiding the barista

After a lunch meeting today I was freezing cold and super close to my coffee love, Starbucks. I hoofed it over to the ‘bucks to get my favorite latte, just a tall which is actually the “small” to help warm me up on my walk back to the office. I was going up the escalator in the 580 Building downtown when it dawned on me – my barista at Starbucks knew I was pregnant. Just then a mini panic set in that I may have to endure the typical questions one would ask someone when they are pregnant. I actually tried to casually sneak past the Starbucks to see if she was there and when I saw the black hair I freaked out that it was her. I took a closer look and noticed that it was a new girl, THANK goodness for the new girl. I was then able to relax, order my tall, 1/2 caff., no foam skinny vanilla latte.

As I was walking back to the office it did dawn on me that I can’t avoid people. I can’t avoid the lady at the bank that was doting on my cute belly a few weeks ago or the one client that doesn’t know my latest 3-week life story and will ask how I’m doing. I just have to come up with my “standard” answer, look people in the face and tell them. Is it weird that I’m already feeling anxious about that persons’ reaction to what I will tell them? Can you imagine being that client that asks how I’m feeling and I tell them I’m fine because I’m not pregnant anymore. WOWZA…..awkward! Or when someone asks if I have children. Well, that is a tough one because I do have one child but she doesn’t live with us, she lives in heaven. That will draw some blank stares. UGH, I’m just dreading the moment but one day soon I’m sure it will be here and I’ll be back on this blog letting you know how it went. Maybe then I’ll fill the Zoloft script and have a glass of wine as a chaser (I’m kidding George and Mom and Kat and everyone else that I’m sure had a slight scare to that little joke).

Until next time….

One thought on “Avoiding the barista

  1. It is really hard when people ask about my baby. I have had several awkward experiences, with ‘deer-in-a-headlight’ responses, but I found saying, “Yes, I do have a son, but he is in heaven. Thank you for asking and letting me share,” works very well. It allows people to feel comfortable, well, as comfortable as can be, about asking. They know that I am glad to tell them and they haven’t offended me. It also brings an easy end to the conversation if they choose not to pursue the topic. I usually turn right around and ask them if they have any children, which brings them back to a lighter subject.

    Someday, and someday soon, we will be able to tell the world about our beautiful babies. Hang in there.


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