A HUGE step moving forward

{Just a fair warning especially for any of our male viewers – this post may contain some “woman stuff” that you may not even want to hear from your own girlfriend or wife}

If you are past the warning and still want to read…you are more than welcome!

This morning was an emotional one and I really couldn’t put my finger on why I was crying so much. I was on my way to work listening to Pandora radio in the car, nothing new there because I do that every day. But today I changed it to a new station and was listening to the Brad Paisley station. For one, there is a whole group of us wild girls going to see him in concert in a few months (YAY!) and reason number two was because Kat suggested that it was a good station. Figured I would give it a whirl and she was right, it is a great station. However, it put me into a tizzy of out of control tears and sobs the entire time I was in the car on the way to work.

One song was Letter to Me by Brad Paisley {listen below if you dare} which put me into a spiral of sobs. I just kept thinking of what letter I would write to myself and how I would even explain to past Jesy that on December 23, 2010 things are looking up and you will survive November 8 and November 18 and to just lean on your friends and family….well… you get the idea as to why I was crying. But I’m healing and so is George and we are doing better and things ARE getting easier. But if you would have said to me just 6 weeks ago that I would be at work doing my thing or happy when hanging out with friends, I would not have been able to see that vision.

Ok, you might be asking what the hell is the point of this blog post. The point is that I have an actual reason for the high emotions. I am welcoming good ol’ Aunt Flo today! She is in town and I couldn’t be happier to have her for the week. I have arms wide open for this old friend and for me this is a start to really move forward one HUGE step. I remember the day George and I had that last appointment with Dr. Caligaris when we talked about the day I would start my first period and now here it is. I’m going to call Dr. Caligaris today (his orders) to let him know that I started my period and I’m sure he’ll be excited to hear a Happy Jesy rather than the Jesy he has talked to these past 6 weeks.

When I found the evidence of this wonderful Aunt Flo I was so excited to tell George, mom, Kat and other close friends. Yea, yea by the end of the day the whole world will know my news. One friend was a dear to remind me that I was right on time. Really? Yes, I’m literally having my first period just 5 weeks to the day after delivering Baby Herron. I’ll be tracking my periods and ovulation in a new iPhone application and I predict my next period will be near the end of January then we can start trying again in February. WHEW. Sweet, sweet relief and a great big smile on this girl’s face!

Meet my new best friend!

What a Christmas present this year! I hope all of you get as great of a present as I have received… but seriously, what present will top getting your period?

Merry Christmas!

One thought on “A HUGE step moving forward

  1. First, the bad: Why the hell don’t I get some credit for knowing that you pretty much were on perfect time as far as when you start? I knew that you normally don’t start until Friday, so that you were only a day early, which I know for women is especially rare to be THAT regular.

    And men, don’t even begin to make fun of me for knowing that. I know exactly when “hell week” starts. Although it doesn’t seem to help much, I can try to mentally prepare myself for the typical emotional onslaught that women tend to launch. So laugh if you dare, but I’ll be planning my defense.

    So, yeah, a little kudos to me too.

    Now the good: What an awesome birthday present I get! I turn 32 this year, old right? So to distract me from the oldness and the boringness of turning 32 I get the best response to that inevitable question that everyone will ask. “Get anything good for your birthday?”

    And I get to respond, “Well, got to try and make a baby a lot. So, yeah, pretty much the best thing ever.”

    And Boom goes the dynamite.

    Herron out.

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