Small Success but Big Smile

Today is weigh-in day for me and today also marks one week on Weight Watchers using their new “Points Plus” program. Many of you who have done Weight Watchers in the past, and let’s face it there are a lot of us who have tried it at least once, will know the program for their “Points.” Points Plus is similar in that you are still tracking value for the food that you put in your mouth and the activity for the time that you are moving your body. However, Points Plus has now redefined the way you count your food values because not all calories are created equal. Calorie counting was a piece of the puzzle when calculating your “Points” but as Weight Watchers describes it, a 100 calorie apple and a 100 calorie bag of cookies or chips should not be considered as the same value. So, now they aren’t!

This has been only a minor adjustment thus far but an adjustment when looking at the older packaging of foods in the grocery store. On Sunday I went crazy at Kroger and bought up just about everything I could remember eating when I first started Weight Watchers back in 2004. As I go to heat my Progresso Light Soup that is labeled, “1 Point” from Weight Watchers, I need to remember to double check my work. Glad I did because this 1 Point per serving soup is actually 2 Points Plus per serving and I have now doubled my intake for the program. Not a big deal because we are talking 4 points versus 2 points but some of you know that when tracking sometimes the littlest snack or extra portion can make a difference.

For those who are starting a new weight loss journey for 2011, I suggest to give Weight Watchers another try. The tools available to you are extremely helpful and especially if you are always on the go. I have used my iPhone Weight Watchers application just about every day this week and I think it will be a difference maker for me in my weight loss. As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m able to update my Plan Manager on the fly or make choices at a restaurant that won’t be a deal breaker on the scale.

So how did I do this week? I’m happy to say that I do have small successes this week and one is that I lost one pound. It is only one pound but that one pound was lost during a whacky week with family gatherings, eating out a few times (a-hem Chipotle), and surviving a New Year’s Eve hangover. * Also, I was able to schedule in a few workouts and start my 6am boot camp. Starting these work outs and boot camp and actually going at 6am is a small success but it all puts a huge smile on my face that I was able to say I was going to do it and followed through. I didn’t cop-out at 5:30am and fall back asleep, I actually got up on time (no snooze) and was out of the house earlier than I expected.

If any of my blog followers are also doing Weight Watchers and you have some recipes to share, a success that you want others to know about, even a question or concern – go ahead and post it or email me and we can discuss. Isn’t food and overeating fun? HaHa! I know that deep down in me and everyone else who is on a weight loss journey that there is a way to overcome the temptations but getting to that point is the hardest part!

5 thoughts on “Small Success but Big Smile

  1. Hey Jesy,

    I actually have been an on and off WW person. After seeing my cousin, who lost 40 pounds from ww, I was re-inspired to follow. I haven’t actually made it to a meeting yet but been doing all the online tools. Would love to share recipes and tips with you. I just made a delicious roasted balsamic maple brussel sprouts recipe last night!! Not sure if you are a brussel sprout person, but they were DELICIOUS!! I also find I like the points plus program much better! Any ways, would love to share info tips…all the support helps! Good luck to you!

  2. Yay Beth! I’m doing everything online too (and so is my friend Heather and sister-in-law) for this time doing WW. George and I just made these two recipes:
    cheesy chicken jumbo stuffed shells – 11 points for 3 big shells plus a good salad was pretty filling for dinner. We doubled the recipe and had it another night as well as some to freeze for later.

    turkey meatballs with spaghetti – George made these himself and they were okay, kind of bland. Then he realized that he forgot to add the salt in the recipe so they might taste less bland with the salt. We aren’t big sauce people and so we skipped the sauce. I think with the salt and sauce it would be really good.

    I’ll post these recipes plus others this weekend. Another great source is this link:
    it is a planner for your shopping list, enjoy!

  3. I’m happy for you ….what a great healthy start to the new year. Once I am done with W2’s/1099’s and the like AND we get my Mom moved in and her place ready to sell (way too much stress to be counting points too… least for me!) I told Bill it will be MY time……I want to give myself the gift of a full physical and having cooperation so that I can take walks and that the two high metabolism people I live with have to take some responsibility for increasing their own calories without involving me….such a problem I will never have!! I am looking for you (and Beth!) to inspire me so keep up the good work.
    PS: you will NEVER find me up at 5:30am…..
    PPS: I LOVE brussel sprouts and would love that recipe

  4. How many points is it for boot camp? I am doing one as well but I don’t know how to log my points for it. Thanks!

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