Back to the doctor we go!

Today could end great or just so-so, George and I are headed back to Dr. Cali’s office for some testing. What are we testing? If it was my IQ, right now I think I would fail miserably. Having been pregnant and now first hand experiencing what it does to your brain makes me a tad nervous about going full term during the next one. I feel so DUMB lately! Actually, the doctor wants to check my progesterone levels this afternoon. From my basic understanding, progesterone is recognized as a vital female hormone central to successful conception and a healthy pregnancy. According to website sources, progesterone helps create a fertile, warm environment in the womb and promotes the survival of the fertilized egg through healthy implantation. I guess Dr. Cali is trying to make sure that George and I have a more “successful” experience this time around and he is taking all the necessary precautions to help.

If levels seem to be on the up and up then we get the official GREEN LIGHT to have baby-making sex. Woo hoo! Well, we have to wait for one more cycle, but still this would be a great thing. After we delivered our daughter and we were settled back at home I had a thought about when we would be able to try this again. In my mind at that time it felt like it was going to be forever until we got to the “trying again” point. But here we are, I’d say we are coming off second base and heading for third. After we get the green light from Cali on my progesterone levels then I’ll feel like we are rounding third and heading home.

Cross fingers, say a prayer or just give George and I a little thought around 4:45pm today that my hormone decides to cooperate and show itself at a friendly baby-making level.

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