Cliche Time

Our baby making journey can once again commence and since I’m a guy I wanted to think of how many euphemisms I could come up with to properly and improperly describe this.  Guys are juvenile and immature and I’m no exception.  If you joke about farts and penis’ do I not laugh?  Of course I do, so what better way to express my sheer joy than with some third grade humor?  Be warned, some of these might be inappropriate, but looks who’s writing them, what do you really expect? So without further adieu here it goes:

Overcompensate much? You can draw your own conclusions, but at least I won't miss.

  • We’re back in the saddle again
  • We’re a go for launch
  • It’s time to get jiggy with it
  • Let’s get to inseminating
  • Let’s get freaky fertile
  • Time for my yoke to meet her egg and see what happens
  • Thundercats GOOOOOOOOOOOO
  • Let’s get nasty and make something beautiful
  • Time to do the baby boogie
  • All aboard the baby train, Woooooo Woooooooooo!
  • It’s time for sex….with a purpose (For all you Catholics out there)
  • Let’s get it on like Donkey Kong (except let’s make a baby human, not Diddy Kong)
  • I get to give her the juice
  • Time to play Dr.,  Dr. Lovemaking that is
  • I came here to make babies and chew bubble gum and I’m all out of bubble gum
  • Creating life from a load
  • It’s time to call 1-800-get-strk for a delivery
  • LET’S GET READY TO RUMMMMMMMBBBBBLLLLEEEEEEEEE (It would be optimal to have Michael Buffer bedside to make that call, but we’ll just have to make due)
  • Consummate, ejaculate, inseminate, impregnate!
  • Putting the Milkman out of business
  • Doing the life creating mambo
  • Switching from blanks to live ammo and the safety is off.  I’m going to fill her full of baby making lead
  • Time to make a miracle with my magic wand.  Abracadabra homes!
  • Busting a nut in her gut to create a human mutt
  • We’ll keep bangin’ away until we get the results we desire
  • Time to get her knocked up (That one is for Brian)
  • Planting my seed in her Garden of Eden
  • Preggoing her Eggo (Stolen from ‘Juno’)
  • Pre-Heat her oven

But to put it quite simply:

  • It’s baby making time!

Cross your fingers, say a prayer, light a candle, do a dance, sacrifice an animal, knock on wood, or do like I do and create a little cheer (Go sperm go!).  Do whatever you feel comfortable doing to help us conceive a healthy baby!

And remember our motto:  Drama Free in ’11!

7 thoughts on “Cliche Time

  1. I don’t even want to beging to think about your sperm but good luck! Let Jesy know I can chart stalk like a mofo and am happy to listen to her vent or analyze if she likes 🙂

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