New Goal And a Few Updates

Just read an article about having a baby on 11/11/11 – NEW GOAL! How COOL would it be to have a baby on 11/11/11?

According to the article, those who want to have a baby on 11/11/11 will need to get busy now. This is of course referencing those who are on a “normal” 28 day cycle. Boo, I am not on that “normal” cycle but I’ll still cross my fingers and toes that this could be a possibility for The Herron Nest. Obviously, the disclaimer all over the article is that this is not a guarantee but you could probably talk your doctor into the idea, right? The article then breaks out the idea that if you are prego with twins then most likely you won’t make the full 40 weeks gestation because twins are typically considered full term at 38 weeks. Of course it would be so cool to have a baby (or babies) on 11/11/11 but all the Herron’s care about is a healthy baby (or babies).

{Update on The Herron Nest}

I (Jesy) have recently had my pre-conception massage. What is this you ask? I’ll admit that at first I thought my lovely BFF’s bought me a massage with some hocus-pocus spin on the title to make me feel better. No way – this was a crazy informative massage with an acupuncture focus that helps to get your body ready for conception. It was given to me by Jen at Becoming Mom Spa and she claims to have a pretty high success rate for your next month to conceive. Not only was she sweet and full of information but she gave great advice and suggested certain foods to eat.

What’s next? We’ll see how things look for this month but I have talked to my doctor and we (George, Doctor and Me) decided that if I’m not pregnant this month (still keeping fingers crossed) than I will start on fertility. You are probably thinking “WOAH” at this point and thats how I felt when the idea was first presented to me. I know that Dr. Cali wants to make sure George and I get pregnant pretty quickly and this his way of helping us to get on that track. Side effects don’t seem too bad and if we get pregnant with multiples then so what! We lost our baby 3 months ago (tomorrow) and if we get two in this next pregnancy than GREAT!

We are just so appreciative of all the continued support from friends and family and feel so blessed to have all of you in our lives.

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