Have you met our nephew?

{Mason Matthew Wenstrup}

One could say that I’m slightly obsessed with getting this little cutie to smile. But he is so photogenic and fun! Plus, from the pictures he must love playing with his Aunt Jesy. Thought I would share some photos of my handsome little nephew who I lovingly call, Bubby. Who do YOU think he looks like, Matt or Jami?

4 thoughts on “Have you met our nephew?

  1. Of course I think he looks like his momma!!!
    Thanks for sharing my son with everyone, he sure does love his aunt Jes and uncle George!!!

  2. I think he looks like a White……..just my 2 cents worth.

    Love, Grandma

    PS Grandpa thinks he looks like Randy!!!!

  3. I with Grandma and Grandpa……..he looks like a White. I think some of the expressions look like Matt but then I see Jami for sure!

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