Week 8 – The baby is a Gummy Bear

*posts were hidden as private until 11.3 weeks

So yes I am pregnant and loving it, every minute of it! Don’t hate me or curse at me, I’m a baby loss momma that is pregnant with my rainbow baby so of course I’m loving every minute. I do feel pretty blessed to have this constant happy feeling especially in the thick of all the first trimester “fun.” I most definitely do not wish a baby loss on ANYONE not even my worst enemy but I will say that I know I’m appreciating this second pregnancy a bit more than the first. Not that I even ever complained the first time around, I think I’m just one of those who loves to be pregnant. We’ll see if I’m singing a different tune in the third trimester since I didn’t make it that far last time.

Picture below was taken last night (4/19) and I have to say that this time around I’m feeling like a WHALE! I’m feeling more pudgy than pregnant and just all around gross. George assures me that I’m still pretty and beautiful but I tried telling him last night (after he took this pic) that I looked like an ogre and should be married to Shrek. He thought it was pretty funny but then later on told me that I wasn’t allowed to call myself ugly anymore. But as you can see I’m really starting to pop out already. I guess its pretty normal for a second pregnancy and especially since I just delivered 5 months ago.

Check out the new belly sticker! New trend for this pregnancy

As you can see I’m rolling out a new theme this time around – I’m not going to hold a dry erase board and I’m not going to go searching for the fruit or vegetable that was equivalent to the size of the baby for the week. Instead we are trying out a new system with these neat-o stickers. My stickers that I purchased are in two week increments versus every week and I purchased them from the BabyCakesNBeyond Etsy store.  She has lots of cute stickers for mommy’s belly and for baby to track progress of baby each month through pictures. Once we find out the sex of this baby I’ll be sure to buy monthly stickers themed either blue or pink and we will of course be taking LOTS of pictures when he or she is born!

{How far along?} 8 Weeks, 3 days

{Total weight gain} 0 lbs gained – I actually lost 1 pound from all the walking in San Francisco

{How big is baby?} baby is as big as a gummy bear or about a 1/2 inch long

{Maternity clothes?} Since I have popped out more this time it is WAY more comfortable to put on the maternity jeans than the regular but I mix and match

{Sleep?} TOSSING AND TURNING and I recently found out that this is a pretty common first trimester trait

{Best moment this week?} I was talking to my mother-in-law who is in Florida with my father-in-law and Grandpa Kiesewetter. We were talking about Florida trip for next year and how George and I will be able to come and how it will be the baby’s first vacation and plane ride. It is so exciting to talk about the future with this baby and bringing the baby to see Grandma and Grandpa in Florida would be so much fun. Of course my mother-in-law is pretty much a planner like me so she will be looking for a baby-friendly place to stay and I’m sure she will have it booked before she leaves the Sunshine state this week.

{Movement?} I’m pretty amazed that I’m feeling these little bubbles or flutters again and so early. The last time I was pregnant I read that the flutters I was feeling was probably the baby moving. My friend Erin said that she also felt these flutters at 8 weeks so I’m hoping that this is a good sign.

{Food cravings?} Right now I’m not craving a specific food per say but I am wanting to eat foods that are more crunchy, toasted, or just flat out full of carbs. They are way more pleasing to my stomach and I find them comforting me when I feel nauseous (which I’ve been feeling a LOT lately).

{Labor signs?} Nope!

{Belly button in or out?} In

{What I miss} I’m missing my energy! I miss being able to wake up in the morning without forcing myself to move my legs out of bed and physically move. I literally have to convince myself to get up in the morning.

{What I’m looking forward to} I’m looking forward to 12 weeks to see the baby again for our next ultrasound

{Milestone} I’m just happy that I’m pregnant in general, that in itself is a milestone!

One thought on “Week 8 – The baby is a Gummy Bear

  1. Wonderful, wonderful update! I smiled all the way through the reading…hugs and kisses to you, George and the baby bump!
    Momma Starling

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