Shout out to all the babies

Props to those who L-O-V-E their baby bump!

As I look around I’m noticing this huge baby trend. Is it my age? Is it because I’m pregnant now? Is it because I’m practically obsessed with everything baby? Either way, I can count on my fingers and toes the amount of friends or “Facebook friends” who are either pregnant themselves or just had a baby. Its a baby epidemic (in a good way). The observation started when I was pregnant with Baby Girl Herron, I just all of a sudden noticed that there were baby bumps all over the place. Then after she passed away it was like the baby bumps intensified, they were coming out of the wood work. It seemed as though every time I was checking Facebook, this person or that person was pregnant. You know what I’m talking about, its like when you buy a new car. All of a sudden you see your exact same car all over the city like they were giving them away for free.

{What’s in the water?}

If you are a mom (recent or not) OR you are sporting a baby bump right now, I want to know about it. Drop a comment with your favorite baby or baby bump moment. I can’t wait to read what everyone has to say!

5 thoughts on “Shout out to all the babies

  1. Favorite mom moment: The first time Owen smiled at me 🙂 It melted my heart and still does.
    Favorite bump moment: Everytime I get to hear her heartbeat or feel her move 🙂

  2. There are too many favorite mom moments to count. Every time she kisses me or learns something new, they are all amazing moments. Favorite bump moment was when we were learning the sex and in the sonogram, she was sitting in the same exact position that I was in at that moment. She had her left arm behind her head. That is how I was laying on the table too. That was pretty cool!

  3. As hard as all 3 of my pregnancies were , there is no moment like the one you have the first time that little one is handed to you in that little blanket and for some reason, with all the chaos of doctors and nurses and excitement, you and he/she are the calmest two in the world . I have been blessed with that moment three times , I miss when all that my children needed to make them feel better was being in my arms….

  4. Let’s see, with William I think my favorite moment was sitting him on the pillow next to me in the hospital bed as he looked up at me with his bright blue eyes. Favorite moment with Hayden was bringing him home after him being in the NICU for eight days (also the content look at my mother’s face when she was finally able to hold him for the first time when we got home). Now with this last little guy, Issac, he really hasnt done much but he has allowed his brother Hayden to feel him kick and his aunt Amanda felt him move ( but he is too much like his brothers that anyone else is out of luck for right now, they dont like anyones hands trying to feel them move around.)

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