Week 12 – Lemon/Lime Range

This is one of my favorite weeks to be pregnant, you get into the “safe zone” this week and you are also supposed to start getting back your energy. Still waiting on the energy, although I did force myself to go back to bootcamp last night. Go me! This is also the week that Baby Herron is the size of either a lemon or a lime. Comparing my baby to the size of a lime always makes me giggle a bit because limes remind me of gin and tonic, my grown up drink of choice and my mother’s favorite drink too. Other fun facts about Week 12 include:

  • Baby Herron already has pretty much ever structure, organ and system needed for life by this point. Baby really is a perfect miniature human being (had to throw in the word perfect).
  • Baby Herron can officially be bugged by George and me. Reflexes have developed and if my uterus gets poked then the baby will squirm and move in response. We saw this last Wednesday (May 11) at the ultrasound when the technician would push down quickly with the wand on my belly and then Baby would move and dance around. George tried giving Baby Morris Code that evening so I’m sure he/she was a bit annoyed…. I would be!
  • Speaking of “he/she” the reproductive organs are distinctly male or female at this point. We couldn’t tell the sex at the recent ultrasound but should be finding out in 7 to 8 weeks. I will say that George is really thinking boy and I’m really thinking girl, we will see who is correct in a few months. And OF COURSE we have a wager on this bet, we wouldn’t be the Herron family if we didn’t have one!

Week 12 - looking...well...I'm looking pregnant!

Other Updates:

{How far along?} 12 Weeks, 3 days

{Total weight gain} 2 lbs gained – look back up at my picture, does that look like only TWO pounds gained?!?!?!

{How big is baby?} baby is as big as either a lemon or lime (big enough to make my mom’s favorite beach gin & tonic, LOL) and two-and-a-half inches long.

{Maternity clothes?} Yes please! Having an overly large uterus that has migrated up from my lower pelvic region has me sporting those comfy maternity pants. YES PANTS! Its freezing in Ohio in the middle of May!

{Sleep?} I’m actually getting some sleep. I know I was just complaining about how freezing it is in the middle of May but to be quite honest it is glorious sleeping weather. Rainy and cold = zonked out!

{Best moment this week?} On May 11th we had an ultrasound and by far this moment was the BEST. We watched Baby Herron move and dance all around my uterus. It was having its own dance party and George and I were able to watch this happen for the first time. Then we went to Dr. Cali’s office yesterday (May 16) and we were able to hear the heart beat on the doppler. That sound NEVER gets old as far as I’m concerned.

{Movement?} No real movement feelings, occasional flutters and that is undecided if its gas or actual movements. I’ve been told that the real movements don’t happen till week 19/20.

{Food cravings?} Still feeling nauseas and really not wanting too richly flavored foods.

{Labor signs?} Nope!

{Belly button in or out?} In

{What I miss} I know this was the same answer for the last pregnancy but I really miss COKE and specifically CHERRY COKE! I know being pregnant is the ultimate sacrifice that a mother can give to her child and for me its because I’m not able to have cherry coke. I also miss blue cheese crumbles. I miss it on my salad, I miss it in my eggs, I miss it in a dressing, on a burger….the list can go on and on! I feel like I should be joining a meeting about Cherry Coke and Blue Cheese Crumbles withdrawal.

{What I’m looking forward to} I’m looking forward to getting into a maternity bathing suit while at the beach on vacation ………. NOT!

{Milestone} I’m just happy that I’m pregnant in general, that in itself is a milestone!

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