Week 14 — Check out my fist!

I am now “officially” out of the first trimester and moving on to the second phase of my pregnancy. I actually thought that week 13 was the first week of the second trimester but after looking at a few websites and my iPhone app I was wrong. Yep, I said it… wrong. But NOW I’m in the second trimester, Hellllllllooooo energy! Well, sort of. Yes, I’m able to stay up some nights past 9:30p-10:00p but let’s not get ahead of ourselves I’m still looking for that energy that everyone claims you get once you hit your second trimester. I guess it comes in spurts especially when we are talking about the house work. I guess I occasionally want to clean up around the house and put my clothes away and I really have to stop using the first trimester lazy excuse for not doing anything anymore. That excuse is reserved for the first and third trimester only.

So how big is baby? Soooooo big (that was for you Kat). Here’s a little exercise to really find out how big Baby Herron is these days. Stick out your hand – serioulsy, do it – and then close your fingers to make a fist. No no no, don’t punch yourself… this is how big the baby is this week. Minor disclaimer, this only works if you don’t have crazy big man hands but from the demographics of the website I really don’t have to worry much about all the men reading this blog post. Our baby is growing super fast, kind of like our grass these days. And I’m happy to report that I’m also growing super fast, check out my bump progress below.

Week 14 - Growing Baby Bump!

{How far along?} 14 Weeks

{Total weight gain} at the last doctor appointment I had only gained a total of 2 lbs, this of course will change when I go back in a few weeks. Stay tuned!

{How big is baby?} baby is as big as my fist or your fist as long as you don’t have huge man-hands. OR you could say that the baby is as big as a peach and probably just as fuzzy.

{Maternity clothes?} Hell yes I’m in maternity clothes. I feel like I continue to explain myself to people who ask how far along I am in my pregnancy. Sometimes I want to lie to total strangers but haven’t yet. I was actually just reading an article about how shorter people (I think I fit that category) tend to really pop out faster because they have shorter torsos and no real room for the baby. So there, that is my excuse! My baby needs a bigger baby apartment so I have accommodated little Baby Herron and gave him/her more room by popping out so early.

{Sleep?} I’m falling asleep super fast which is glorious and I’m able to really stay asleep most of the night unless I have to make frequent potty breaks which tends to happen.

{Best moment this week?} I guess I would have to say that was last Wednesday because it was my birthday. Spent the evening with family and friends and cutie-patutie babies.

{Movement?} On Friday the 27th there was a period of a few minutes when I really felt tickles in one particular spot. Didn’t seem like gas but actual movements. All of a sudden I was scratching at my belly because it felt so funny, but in a good way of course. I’m going to chalk that up as my first movements and I’m not letting anyone else tell me otherwise.

{Food cravings?} Lord help me if Kroger runs out of Private Selection Orange Juice Popsicles! I can down those bad boys one right after the other. The dentist was a bit concerned when I told him I was loving those orange-delights. He made me promise him that I would drink lots of water when I ate them because of the sugar and acidic aftermath it would do to my teeth. Sure sure, got to keep up on those pearly whites.

Other craving – Loaded baked potatoes… I’m drooling thinking about them right now! I feel bad for the lady at Wendy’s when she told me they ran out of the baked potatoes the other night. I could have climbed through the speaker to choke her. Didn’t she know I was coming? Thank goodness George is an absolute saint and convinced me to go to Ruby Tuesdays, their potato was better tasting anyways. Take that Wendy’s!

{Labor signs?} Nope!

{Belly button in or out?} In

{What I miss} I’d be lying if I didn’t say fountain cherry coke! At least Kat knows where the nearest fountain coke machine exists near Christ Hospital because she’ll be on Code-Cherry Coke again.

{What I’m looking forward to} Here’s the honest to goodness truth, I’m a total grouch. Can’t help it, I’m just a loose cannon this time around. George can look at me funny and I immediately cop this crazy woman attitude with him. Just ask Rick, poor guy has to witness this every Wednesday night for Man-Date. I’m not looking forward to our 13 hour drive to the beach. I have a feeling that Dr. Caligaris should prescribe me some sort of horse tranquilizer to keep me calm when anyone else is driving besides me. I’m a driving control FREAK and I know that no one else will be driving to the quality that I think they should. Its not a slam on anyone’s driving really but a glimpse into my crazy hormonal self. I’ll be sure to let Rick, Kat and George give you all a full report once we’ve been down and back. And I’ll try some new breathing exercises that I researched on the internet…..wooooza…..wooooza……

{Milestone} I’m just happy that I’m pregnant in general, that in itself is a milestone! (Still the same!)

9 thoughts on “Week 14 — Check out my fist!

  1. I love when you get the ‘butterfly’ feeling as the baby moves….it is a most unusual feeling as it does mimic gas only higher and in front!! Enjoy these wonderful moments and I am so glad you are getting your sleep at night.
    Can’t wait to hear about your trip Jes…..should be some good stories from that :)))

    • I’m hoping that I can let go of my grouchiness and relax a little while on vacation. I know George would appreciate that for sure. Poor guy is dealing with a total BIOTCH for a wife lately.

  2. I second the ‘short people with no torso’ theory – people stare in disbelief when I tell them how far along I am. Even though I have told them this is my second child, everyone (myself included) swears I look like I am going to pop any second! My newest nickname that really seems to have stuck is ‘Weeble’. : )

    • THANK goodness I’m not the only one! I seriously feel like I have to explain my entire life story to everyone. The worst is when they ask if this is my first child or not. Sometimes I say no and go into my story and other times I just say yes and walk away. By the way….. I want to see you BUMP!!! Sending hugs down south!

  3. I third the short woman short torso theory. I always felt my belly was huge for how far along I was. I’d go to my prenatal yoga class and glare at girls who were 26 weeks and their bellies were smaller then my 14 week belly. Everyone is different though 🙂

    • Marissa, I love it! This totally cracks me up and like I told Lauren, I’m just happy that I’m not the only one that thinks this way. The absolute WORST is that I’m one week off from another girl I know and she is super skinny and although she miscarried at 8 weeks she didn’t show that time so she is TINY right now. Hate being next to her! LOL. The plus side, maternity clothes are really comfy! 🙂

  4. so happy to read these blogs again as far as being a beotch I bet George is just tickled and can with stand anythinng you throw his way, And as far as Maternity clothes I want you to remember how comfy they are in your 9th month lol. As far as the bump I love it cant wait to see it get bigger 🙂

  5. This makes me SO, SO happy! I hope all continues to go well and wish you the best of luck with the crazy emotions that go hand-in-hand with all this. And I love your cute pictures!

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