Week 16: Can you hear me now? Good!

Big week for the Herron clan, I’m not 16 weeks and we were able to hear the heartbeat at our monthly check up. Baby is a little over 4 inches long and weighs as much as 2.5 ounces….OUNCES! Crazy how tiny they still are right now. Baby has all its fingernails and toenails at this time and I keep thinking (regardless of boy or girl) of how fun it will be to paint those little fingers and toes! Another cool fact, the baby’s ears are now in their final position and will hopefully be able to start hearing us soon. Good thing because George has a playlist all set for baby to start listening to. He doesn’t want his child to have the same poor taste in music as me, haha!

We’ve had a big few weeks with vacation and seeing old friends. Loved being in the water as a prego because my buoyancy was so amazing in the pool and especially in the ocean. A friend kept making comments on how well I was floating on and over all the waves. Being in the sun as a prego was not so fabulous, my skin was extremely sensitive to the sun and I developed lots of red bumps and rashes. Despite the fact that I wore 30+ sunscreen all week and applied just about every 45 minutes, I still got the red bumps. No more long periods of sun tanning while pregnant for me.

Want to see that growing belly? Here you go…..

Okay...this isn't doing the bump justice....

I don’t think that picture does the bump justice but I was actually happy with one picture that George took (not his fault, I’m fun right now) so look below for just a belly shot.

ahhhhhh YES, there is the big ole' bump!

{How far along?} 16 Weeks

{Total weight gain} Recent doctor appointment + 3.5 pounds but then the nurse quickly reminded me that I lost some weight a few weeks prior so my total weight gain is really only 2.5 pounds. I’m thinking the orange juice popsicles really aren’t doing me any favors.

{How big is baby?} baby is as big as an avocado or a little over 4 inches long and weighs around 2.5 ounces. Kind of funny considering the weight gain, right?

{Maternity clothes?} So I wore my maternity bathing suit in public last week while on vacation and it wasn’t as bad as I thought. It was sort of cute… only sort of. And I was able to sport some cute maternity dresses while on the beach too.

{Sleep?} While on vacation I wasn’t sleeping as great as I do at home due to the giant sized King bed and the “let ALL the light in” curtains during our stay. This is a shout out to George and how much I love our black out curtains at home. Back at home I’ve decided to try out the pillow between the legs position and it seems to do pretty well in getting me back to comfortable. I don’t think I’m tossing and turning much anymore and I’m normally up at least once for a potty break.

{Best moment this week?} Hearing the baby’s heartbeat trumps all the great times on vacation (no offense to my beach pals). There is nothing like that sweet sweet sound.

{Movement?} Occasionally I feel the tickles but haven’t noticed anything else…but again, I really have no freaking clue what it feels like. I’m hoping to feel something closer to my 20 week appointment.

{Food cravings?} I’m still craving my staple items such as a loaded baked potato (but only from Ruby Tuesdays or if Heather makes it for me) orange juice popsicles and now I’m craving fruit. I really want red grapes and green apples… YUM! Plus, the creamy peanut butter and grape jelly sandwiches on honey wheat bread on vacation seriously hit the spot. I would look forward to lunch knowing that was what I was going to have.

{Labor signs?} Nope!

{Belly button in or out?} In

{What I miss} After being surrounded by an entire group drinking on vacation (bag DRANKS!) I’m craving an ice cold BEER! Not the cheapy kind but a Stella, Sam Adams, Magic Hat #9 or Summer Shandy….I’m drooling….

{What I’m looking forward to} The Baby Gender REVEAL Party!!!! George and I decided that this time we have our 20 week appointment we wanted to do something fun and have it be a completely opposite experience than the last 20 week appointment. So……we are going to have the ultrasound tech jot down the sex on a piece of paper that we will slip into an envelope. Meet up with our friend, Rick, at the Party City in Kenwood and then have him get a big black balloon filled with either pink or blue confetti. And we want to share this experience with our family and friends. All are invited to our house for appetizers and drinks at 6pm on July 7th with the big POP at 6:30pm. Don’t worry, if you miss it because it will be recorded and of course shared with all on The Herron Nest.

{Milestone} I’m just happy that I’m pregnant in general, that in itself is a milestone! (Still the same! x2)

10 thoughts on “Week 16: Can you hear me now? Good!

  1. How exciting all this is!! Do you think you should be renting the Sharonville Community Center for the BIG reveal…?? LOL!! Seriously, it will be SO much fun!!

    • ACTUALLY….. Not a bad idea! I think I get it for free. I think some people wanted to see the nursery but they could always come back up to the house later. I’ll talk to George about it and see what’s best. GREAT idea, Thanks!

  2. I have to say that you can’t have a gender reveal party, but you CAN have a sex reveal party. Gender is culturally constructed and sex is biologically constructed; unless you have a small civilization in your uterus you’ll be finding out the sex 🙂

    • I know… too bummed that we couldn’t catch up in NC. Mom and Dad have already decided that we’ll be back in August of 2012 so mark your calendar because the WHOLE family will be at the beach. Love you!

  3. Thanks for sharing your baby news! That little heart beat is the best sound in the world isn’t it!!!
    It was so good to see you guys this weekend and we had fun at the zoo.
    You looked so happy and you glow with joy. Can’t wait til that 20 week appointment 🙂
    Love you

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