Five Surprising Prego Side Effects

Regularly I receive emails from this baby source or that baby source and most of the time there is at least one thing I find interesting and I will open it up. Today was no different except for the fact that the headline of the article read, “5 surprising pregnancy side effects – A stuffy nose and craving dirt.” Ummmm… WHAT?

How do you not open up and read something that claims pregnant women crave dirt. I can honestly say that I have never thought about digging up a chunk of Earth to satisfy a craving. Give me a loaded baked potato and I’ll be a happy girl, but no dirt. Here is the “dirt” on the five surprising prego side effects:

1. Pica – this is the dirt craving one or other non-food item cravings like ice or chalk. I could see ice as I love to munch on ice but that is not necessarily something I crave while pregnant because I love ice non-pregnant as well. I’ll have to let you know if I ever feel like munching on a piece of chalk or popping a little dirt in my mouth for a snack.

2. Stuffy nose – BINGO! I have so many damn boogers that Puff’s stock should be going up in the last 2 months. I am constantly wiping my nose or blowing boogies and apparently I’m only one of the 20-30% who experience this as well. There is an actual name for this and its called Rhinitis of pregnancy, it can last till birth. Again, if you are an investor look into Puff’s stock.

3. Excessive salivation – This was more of a factor in my last pregnancy than it is this time around. Last pregnancy I would be talking and would literally have to slurp up my spit so I didn’t start drooling. HOT, I know.

4. Shortness of breath – Check! You should see me try to talk and climb up stairs at the same time, it is actually comical. I have to stop to catch my breath, of course I could just shut up and walk the damn stairs with out jabber jawing. Nah…

5. Dizziness – YES! Got this too and it is worse now in my second trimester. Dizziness and feeling off balance have been my new thing. But I guess I need to remember my baby apartment is seriously a mini aquarium and I envision the baby swimming around. Well if the baby is swimming on the left side then I’m going to feel some pull in that direction, especially if I’m caught off guard.

I’d say one side effect that left out of the article that I never expected would be dry eyes. I need to blink a lot more and wash my contacts to keep the eyeballs wet during the day. So bizzare that my eyes would dry out because I’m making a baby!

Any odd pregnancy side effects that you have or had when you were pregnant?


4 thoughts on “Five Surprising Prego Side Effects

  1. At one of my appointments, I had to wait almost an hour because the nurse (who did my NSTs) was busy doing a consultation with another patient who was craving dirt so badly that she ordered some dirt someplace online where it was supposedly ok to eat. . . . . WEIRD!

    I craved ice cream sandwiches, decaf mocha frappachinos, and from time to time a big fat, delicious whopper. But never dirt!

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