Week 18 – The baby is a dancing machine

Here we are at 18 weeks pregnant and getting so very close to our 19.5/20 week ultrasound. I can certainly remember the devastation that George and I felt that day. But I also remember the absolute joy and excitement that led to that final moment of thinking we were going to find out whether or not we were going to be buying pink or blue later that evening. As we get closer and closer to our ultrasound on July 7th I try not to think of anything negative but to stay completely focused on all the positives so far this pregnancy.


Our last ultrasound was such a relief especially when the doctor came in to check out our little baby and told us that “everything looks normal.” We specifically had this ultrasound to check the baby’s neck thickness which can give a clear indicator for genetic disorders in the future. Neck was good and doctor gave us the green light on normalcy and all was so right in our world.

Hearing the strong heartbeat at each doctor visit. There was a slight scare at our 9 week check up when a student was looking for the heartbeat rather than Dr. Caligaris. For the record I was nice to the student considering I was about to punch her in the face for trying to look in the first place. When Dr. Cali came in the room he assured us that it was way too early to look and that we were okay. I know that he saw not only the terror but the tears that were welling up in my eyes. Poor man might start drinking heavily after he’s done with me!

Overall, I’m feeling great. There was some slight sickness in the beginning and I’m having some brain splitting headaches in my second trimester but I really can’t complain.

I get to feel our baby dancing machine and it seems like the little flutters are more and more frequent. I’m praying for another ultrasound where we can see this baby’s sweet dance moves on the big screen again.

George and I have so much to look forward to next Thursday. Again, we are both so excited and I’m so very lucky to have George as my rock. Occasionally I’ll have this nervous anxious feeling about the upcoming ultrasound but he is so kind to remind me that it is completely out of our control and all we can do is hope for the best. Not sure if I’m subconsciously pushing down the fear or if I’m really feeling that optimistic…time will tell and I CAN’T WAIT to share a great report with everyone in 10 days.

Let’s move on to the Belly Updates, shall we?

18 Weeks and HAPPY!!

{How far along?} 18 Weeks

{Total weight gain} Recent doctor appointment + 3.5 pounds  and total weight gain was only 2.5 pounds thanks to all the walking in San Francisco in April. Gaining is a good thing for baby and I just try to not pay too much attention to the scale. We’ll see how it is at my next appointment on 7/11.

{How big is baby?} Baby is growing like a weed! Almost 7 ounces and approx. 5 – 1/2 inches long. Let’s hope that this baby has it’s daddy’s length!

{Maternity clothes?} Yes

{Sleep?} The sleep is pretty good and I’m having the craziest-ass dreams ever! One that I can remember was of George telling me that it was okay to sit in the middle of a tornado because the middle was the safe part. So in the middle of a tornado storm, he went out to the tornado and sat in the middle while I was screaming and crying in the house. WHAT? George laughed and said that he was pretty amused that he could still annoy me in my sleep.

{Best moment this week?} George and I walked around Buy Buy Baby and bought a few onsies, one would of course be a Star Wars onsie for Baby Herron.

{Movement?} Yes….. the baby was dancing all over the belly this morning. I love this feeling even if it does make me look like a itchy person. The tickles make me scratch my belly and I probably do that a lot now. Someone was asking if I feel the baby during certain times and I think the time I can pin point is mid morning.

{Food cravings?} Newest item would be apples and peanut butter…. YUM!

{Labor signs?} Nope!

{Belly button in or out?} In

{What I miss} After being surrounded by an entire group drinking on vacation (bag DRANKS!) I’m craving an ice cold BEER! Not the cheapy kind but a Stella, Sam Adams, Magic Hat #9 or Summer Shandy….I’m drooling….

{What I’m looking forward to} The Baby Gender REVEAL Party!!!! George and I decided that this time we have our 20 week appointment we wanted to do something fun and have it be a completely opposite experience than the last 20 week appointment. So……we are going to have the ultrasound tech jot down the sex on a piece of paper that we will slip into an envelope. Meet up with our friend, Rick, at the Party City in Kenwood and then have him get a big black balloon filled with either pink or blue confetti. And we want to share this experience with our family and friends. Don’t worry, if you miss it because it will be recorded and of course shared with all on The Herron Nest.

{Milestone} I’m just happy that I’m pregnant in general, that in itself is a milestone! (Still the same! x3)

5 thoughts on “Week 18 – The baby is a dancing machine

  1. That’s a great idea about the balloon!! I wish I was there to see it but I am going to have to wait and see your blog!! I hope things are going well with you guys, talk with you soon!! Enjoy!!

  2. You and George are incredible people, and we be super parents. Can’t wait to celebrate with you at the “gender” reveal party!! Enjoy sleeping (even the wild dreams) while you can!!

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