Tired, Tickles and Thursday!

Loads of things to blog about but the three main things are how I’m so tired, lots of tickles in my belly and how excited I am for the ultrasound on Thursday.


I’m thinking of creating an eye-opener contraption that uses toothpicks. Or how about stickers that I can put over my eyes when they are shut that just look like I’m still awake? Either way my second trimester energy is slowly drifting away. I’m feeling beat up but I think it is mostly due to the fact that I do too much. I can’t help it! Although I do love that George is more than willing to get so much done for me around the house I still feel so guilty about letting him do it when I feel like I can handle stuff on my own. He has thrown out the, “don’t you think your doing too much card” but during the midst of my activities I feel fine. Its the afterwards part that then gets me to realize how much my body hates me when I’m standing for too long or running around doing this or that. I don’t think the heat helps much either, I’m so thankful that I’m only 4.75 months pregnant verses 8 or 9 months pregnant in the summer. Many thoughts to those who are due in the July/August months.


I LOVE to feel the baby move, the tickles are some of the best parts of this pregnancy so far. I’m trying to keep track of the time that I feel them the most to see if I can pin point something that will get the baby to move. It seems like Baby H. loves to move around sometime between 10:30 and 11:00 am. I made mention of this to George and told him that I already love this baby’s scheduled. Let’s see if he/she will be sleeping until mid-morning when they are out in the real world. George said that I shouldn’t get used to it, haha.

Each time I feel the tickles, no matter what I’m doing, I stop and put my hand on my belly to try to feel something more. Haven’t felt any Earth moving kicks or punches but I’m looking forward to the times that I do. Remember this when I tell you I’m sore or beat up, ok?


So happy that the work week started on a Tuesday instead of Monday because I feel like we are so close to our ultrasound date. Shall I give you an update in hours? Okay – 51.5 hours till we see Baby Herron! The words to describe how I feel are all over the place:

excited  – nervous – happy – worried – elated – impatient – ecstatic 

As you can see I’m going bonkers over here. The last time I was pregnant I wasn’t even really thinking about the health of the baby, of course I thought the baby was going to be healthy so I was just consumed with the idea of it being either a boy or girl. Now it is completely opposite. I do wonder if I’m carrying a little girl or boy but my main thought is now the health of our baby. I only think about seeing the baby move on Thursday and the tech taking us on the little guided tour of the baby and explaining everything as she goes along. Unlike last time when the tech was silent and we were scared out of our minds. I’m looking forward to the moment that George and I can look at each other and breathe a little easier as I’m sure I’ll be holding my breath until I force the tech to tell me 1,000 times that everything looks okay. I can tell you with confidence right now that I’m going to be in the waiting room of the doctor office tapping my foot, furiously looking through the stupid magazines, taking 80 billion little sips of my water, rubbing my tongue on the roof of my mouth (it gets itchy when I’m nervous or have to puke – weird, I know), staring at the clock because they are routinely 20-30 minutes late and then having to use the bathroom 10 times before we go back for the ultrasound. This most likely will all happen!

Until then….happy thoughts for a healthy baby and one set of happy parents-to-be.

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