22 weeks along, birth plan anyone?

{22 Weeks}

I can’t help it but I think I start almost every “Belly Update” post with the same line: “wow, I can’t believe how fast this is going!” If I had to guess, I would say that time will really start to slow down after my 30 week mark. Just a guess!

I will admit that I’m more into the curious stage of my pregnancy right now. Curious about what Abbey needs (hence registering with Lauren last week at BuyBuyBaby) and what we need to do to prepare for her. Last week I posted a question on Facebook about creating a birth plan and asked my mom friends to tell me if they 1. did a birth plan and 2. was it worth it or even necessary. The answers were almost unanimously the same,  most everyone who DID put the plans together said that either the plan was shot to hell or it never made it out of the bag. I even got professional responses from labor and delivery nurses and they pretty much agreed to not waste the time unless I have some seriously off the wall demands. There were a few posts that were pro birth plan and some friends even sent me their plans to consider (Thanks for that!).

Here is the next big thing that I need help with deciding….this is big, haha! George and I can NOT find a diaper bag that we really like. We have at least decided that we want a “back-pack” type bag that will be easy to just throw on but we can’t find THE one that we love. If you have any suggestions on one that you have used and like that has the back-pack straps, please let me know. One that we are looking at right now is a Columbia back-pack diaper bag that Jami and Matt and our friends Lauren and Mark have. Only issue is that we can’t find one where we are registered…should we just buy a back pack from Dick’s and call it a day??

Lastly, who do you suggest for a pediatrician? We’d like to stay local, meaning Sharonville, Blue Ash, Montgomery area if possible to make it easy on us. I was told that I need to start meeting and interviewing doctors soon and want to get my homework  done before my next appointment with Caligaris. Again, any suggestions would be helpful either via comments or my email – Thanks!

{Belly Updates}

22 Weeks and 2 days. And I'm getting HUGE (especially at the end of a day!)

{How far along?} 22 Weeks 2 days

{Total weight gain} Recent doctor appointment + 2.5 pounds for a whole month (I was proud of myself) and only a total gain of 5 pounds for the pregnancy so far. (This appointment was on July 11th – I’ve had some serious carb cravings since then and can expect this number to be MUCH higher next time).

{How big is baby?} Abbey should be about 11 inches long and just about 1 pound. At my last ultrasound, almost 20 days ago, she was weighing in at a whomping 13 ounces so I’m assuming she is actually bigger than 1 pound right now.

{Maternity clothes?} YES… actually just purchased a few cute items from the Motherhood Maternity store. I’m really NOT excited about purchasing a new bra and have been stuffing myself into my current non-maternity one for quite a while. I’ll delay this purchase for as long as I can!

{Sleep?} Remember in my last post when I said I was sleeping good, yea, scratch that! I’m having the hardest time now. My lower back is starting to ache, I’m trying to keep on my left side but my flippin hips are going nuts and I’m just getting to the overall uncomfortable stage. I’m trying out little things here and there to aide with the sleeping so we’ll see what works or doesn’t work.

{Best moment this week?} The whole family was in Barberton, OH this past weekend for the 2011 Challenger State Tournament and I can’t tell you how many times little kids would come up to me to ask if they could pet my belly or to see if there was a baby in my belly. It was pretty darn cute! And just to note, I’m not one that freaks out about people touching my belly. I do prefer it when complete strangers ask but if you are a friend or family member… go ahead, I’m an open petting zoo.

{Movement?} Abbey’s movement varies. She was going nuts this past Friday night kicking and stretching but mostly I still feel flutters. However, I’m feeling something new these days and its hard to explain except I think it is her having the hiccups. There is a little bubble feeling and I can’t think of what else it could be.

{Food cravings?} Pepperoni and single cheese calzone from LaRosa’s pretty please! I’m trying to space it out to only once a week but it is a dangerous craving. And poor George is probably getting sick of eating it all the time. I still love my golden delicious apples with peanut butter, wheat thins and laughing cow cheese and I just recently discovered Quaker Chewy Dipps. Which is basically a chocolate chip granola bar dipped and completely covered in chocolate. Probably not as healthy but sure tastes REAL good.

{Labor signs?} Nope!

{Belly button in or out?} In

{What I miss} sleeping on my back or stomach

{What I’m looking forward to} I scheduled a 3D ultrasound at the Becoming Mom Spa in Deerfield. We are going to be there between 27 and 28 weeks which I was told is a good time to see the baby in 3D (thanks Lauren!) I was talking with Jami who I share my doctor with and she told me that with Dr. Caligaris she went from a 20 week ultrasound to 36 weeks. I just felt like I needed something to break it up and it will be so neat to see Abbey in 3D and compare her features from those pictures to when she is born.

{Milestone} I’m making it through the summer heat!

**Side comment about the shirt I’m wearing in the picture. George found it at Target and it reads, “Hope Grows Love.” We thought it was perfect since we call our last daughter Hope! 

18 thoughts on “22 weeks along, birth plan anyone?

  1. Love the shirt and the sentiment behind it…..perfect. Looking forward to the 3D pictures. It is all so amazing now what you can see. When I was pregnant there was this blob on the picture and everyone would ooohhh and ahhhhh over it but no one really knew what the heck they were looking at. LOL And it certainly never looked like the baby when they were born :)))

  2. Saw this post retweeted … no birth plan for my first, for this one it is “Please no pitocin” as my first didn’t like it at ALL! And no induction if I can help it this time. DD was 8 days late … and I didn’t want her born on Christmas so we opted to induce.

    Since you live in a similar area to me, I will recommend Group Health Kenwood, and our ped is Dr. Pramuk. She’s great, doesn’t beat around the bush but great with everything and made an early diagnosis of an issue that many drs may have brushed off. Plus, they are open nights and Saturdays and when needing a sick visit, we’ve rarely had to wait more than 2-3 hours for an appointment. And they do well checks in the evenings.

    Best of luck!

  3. Such a cute shirt – love it! We go to Northeast Cincinnati Pediatrics and see Dr. Baldwin – she is great. I’ve also heard great things about Dr. Manfroy there! 🙂 Plus, they are right up the street off Cornell so super-close!

    • Love the super-close! I’ll add them to my list of docs to call. Oh boy, George is going to need me to narrow it down to like 3 to actually sit down and visit with because I’m sure he doesn’t want to interview like 10 doctors. LOL. Thanks Er-Bear!

      • Dr. Baldwin is a Fenwick alum, fwiw 🙂 I didn’t know she was practicing in Blue Ash til after my daughter was born or would have definitely looked in to her. She was ’95 so George might remember her. Her maiden name is Nicole Housh.

      • Are you also a Fenwick alum??? 🙂 Do you know George? He graduated in ’97 but I’ll certainly ask him and I can’t wait to call her. Thanks again!

  4. Jesy,
    I know it’s in Mason, but really like Muddy Creek Pediatrics, both doctors there are great! Also, Petunia Pickle Bottom has great backpack diaper bags! Hope that helps! And if you are interested in a regular diaper bag I have two, one gently used it’s Vera Bradley and it’s brown and pink, or a new one I designed from Lil” Purse but didn’t get to use because it wasn’t big enough for two babies…you are welcome to have either of them if you are interested!


    • Meghan,
      You are the best! Thanks for the suggestion on the pediatrician, I’ll add the doctors to my list to call. I am starting to get a long list!

      Regarding the diaper bags – I might take you up on the offer. Will you be home most evenings next week? Depending on how hot it is I might walk up there either Monday or Wednesday. OH.. have you and the girls been going to the pool? We’ve been going there at night to cool off.

      Thanks again!

  5. I told my OBGYN to meet me in the parking lot with a syringe, but unfortunately, Jonathan decided to arrive too early and I got nothing. So, I vote to ditch the birth plan.

    As far as pediatricians go, you may want to check to see who is on staff at the hospital where you’re planning on giving birth. Sometimes, if you haven’t chosen one by the time BirthDay rolls around, the one that’s on call will be considered “yours”. That’s not set in stone, of course, but it may be a good place to start.

  6. hey jesy! i didn’t have a birth plan either. but, on the diaper bag front, my friend raves about her ju ju be. It can be a back pack or purse like or whatever…they have sooooo many choices!

    check them out: http://www.ju-ju-be.com

    A diaper bag is a MUST, not just a back pack. You need space for bottles, cups, water bottle for you, car keys, tylenol/motrin, pacifier, toys on the go, wipes, changing pad, diapers, sunscreen…..etc…..i’m considering getting a ju ju be for alexa & the new baby. currently i have a vera bradley and it’s nice–just not going to be suitable for 2 babies!! good diaper bags are pricey, but sooooooo worth it! you need something durable enough for spills and wear and tear. if you go cheap you’ll spend more in the long run simply replacing it and it won’t hold up!!

    take care! and you look absolutely adorable 🙂 andrea rieger

    • Thanks for the suggestion of the ju-ju-be diaper bag. I saw one at BuyBuyBaby when we were registering a few weeks ago, I wasn’t too sure about the color choices but then again George said he doesn’t really care. Got to love a man who can sport some pink! I did see the “pack-a-be” bag that is not as huge as the BFF but I’m going to have to go back to BuyBuyBaby and check them out again. Have you purchased yours yet? BuyBuyBaby had a pretty good selection + you can get 20% off b/c they have coupons like BedBathBeyond.

      You are too sweet – hope you are hanging in there… I’m getting more and more exhausted and I don’t have a toddler to tote around with my baby aquarium. Stay hydrated and cool!

  7. Hey Jessie – no birth plan here had 2 c-sections. As far as pediatricians we (Teri, Kimmy and I) go to Group Health Springdale. We see Dr. Bacon. Love him!!!!! Julie sees his wife at Montgomery Group Health. They are open 7 days a week and phone lines open at 7:00am.

    Love to read your updates

    • Thanks Renee! You also go to Caligaris, right? Thank you for the doctor suggestions – hours are important as I’m going to be back to full time after 6 weeks. I’ll jot down Dr. Bacon to my list!

  8. Jesy:

    don’t have

    Don’t have anything to say on birth plans (sure didn’t have those 45 years ago, or diaper bags either, since we carried our stuff in paper bags a lot!!)(LOL)!. But….I just wanted to say that I LOVE the shirt and the meaning behind it. George is a keeper (and so are you!!) Love you both….stay cool!!!

  9. We use Kenwood pediatrics in Montgomery- Dr. Spaeth-straight forward never any problems..Dr. Lacker is also there and is a little more laid back. Good Luck and glad you are doing so well..

  10. Love the post Jesy and all the comments!!!! Also, love the shirt!! You may want to find out if the pediatric office has different rooms and hours for well visits. You don’t want to bring them in well and get sick from something they picked up in the office!!! Kenwood Pediatrics is where you, Matt and Brian went when you were real little until we switched to Pediatric Associates. Dr Spaeth and Lacker were still in diapers when you went there!!!! Love and Kisses, Mom

    • Good points mom – I’m going to start making all my phone calls today through Saturday (I see Cali on Monday and want to have my homework done) and then set up appointments with those I want to meet. Didn’t you say Dr. Yost was a good choice too? Love you!

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