24 weeks – I can still shave my legs!

{24 Weeks}

Now that my belly is getting bigger (oh it is…just take a look below) I’m finding that some simple tasks are getting more and more daunting. I’m entering my 6th month this week and tying my own shoes wears me OUT! Never thought that day would come but its here and so I’m quickly learning my limits. Can’t take super long walks in the neighborhood anymore because the hills are killing my back, can’t really reach up in the cabinets anymore when putting away dishes because my belly will bang the counter, can’t stand for super long periods of time because my feet swell, need to hang on when I’m entering the shower…oh wait, that’s just because I’m clumsy! Either way you get my drift of the do-not’s and can’ts of the last 100 or so days of pregnancy. HOWEVER I can still shave my own damn legs!! Mass kudos to me and super plus for George, haha.

I am also realizing that my go-go-go full steam ahead personality is going to need to come to a screeching halt soon enough. It is in my DNA to cram as much as I can into one weekend, day, evening or just one hour and I am still doing this now. It must be pretty obvious that I’m in super go-mode still because my brother, Matt, said something to me about it. Yes… MATT actually said to me that I am going to need to slow down, but why is it so hard to do? I love pleasing everyone, doing everything and being the super wife, daughter, friend, aunt and soon-to-be mom which means I tend to be everywhere all the time for everyone. But again let me emphasize that I LOVE doing it. I love spending time with George in whatever he wants to do, my family, friends and especially my nephew Mason and I truly want to keep up with all the events going on with everyone. I just keep telling myself that since its the summer time there is more going on but as soon as September hits it will all start to slow down. Let’s see how I am doing with it all come third trimester (Labor Day), maybe JUST maybe by then I will have learned to slow down from light speed to mach speed or whichever is slower.

{Belly Updates}

24 weeks and seriously popped out...no other place for her to go!

{How far along?} 24 Weeks exactly

{Total weight gain} Doctor appointment today with a gain of 6 pounds…in 4 weeks…woah! My nurse, Amy, said that it was normal to have a jump in weight right around this time as Abbey is probably going through a growth spurt. Current weight gain = 12 pounds total

{How big is baby?} According to the website updates that I read each week, Abbey could weigh anywhere in the 12-20 oz range and length wise, she should be as long as an ear of corn. I’m thinking that she is having a growth spurt because I have just recently had a hunger spurt.

{Maternity clothes?} YES!

{Sleep?} My sleep is wishy-washy. If I was going to answer this question last week I would say that my sleep is going pretty much A-okay. But after Sunday morning and Monday morning I’m pretty much not sleeping well right now. I feel as though I can fall asleep pretty good (once I put my book down – side note: Have you read The Help? Super good book) but if I’m woken up in the middle of the night then all bets are off. Sunday night going into Monday I ended up on the couch at 3:30am and reached a new level of exhausted Monday morning.

{Best moment this week?} Last Monday Abbey full-on kicked me! I was getting ready for work and reached down in the bathroom cabinet for my hair dryer when she kicked the top of my belly. I stood straight up and probably made a squealing sound because I was so excited and nervous about what just happened. Then I reached down again and she kicked me again! It was great to feel.

{Movement?} As noted about the big kick above last week and most recently this weekend I think I’m feeling her movements more and more. I still feel flutters but occasionally I’ll feel other movements on the outside as well. I’m trying to get George to feel Abbey too but I think I’m feeling her more because I mostly feel it on the inside and so I can anticipate where she is and what it feels like. I’m certain in the next couple of weeks he’ll be able to feel her too. Plus she has hiccups a lot!

Happy 6 months old Belly!

{Food cravings?} I think I’m slowly getting over my pepperoni and single cheese calzone from LaRosa’s but then again as I type this I can feel my mouth water and might have to talk George into this for dinner tonight. I can’t think of other new cravings except for maybe grapes. I will say that I’m learning when I love to eat and when I don’t. I’m a big lunch eater and I can never seem to get full enough throughout the day. But I’m finding that I need to eat dinner early and not that much of it either. There just seems to be no more room towards the end of the day plus I don’t want to feel uncomfortable at night. I have enough trouble sleeping as it is.

{Labor signs?} Nope!

{Belly button in or out?} In

{What I miss} sleeping on my back or stomach (still true since I’m sick of the one position I’m sleeping in now)

{What I’m looking forward to} I scheduled a 3D ultrasound at the Becoming Mom Spa in Deerfield. We are going to be there between 27 and 28 weeks which I was told is a good time to see the baby in 3D (thanks Lauren!) I was talking with Jami who I share my doctor with and she told me that with Dr. Caligaris she went from a 20 week ultrasound to 36 weeks. I just felt like I needed something to break it up and it will be so neat to see Abbey in 3D and compare her features from those pictures to when she is born. (Also, still true)

Something else to look forward to would be purchasing our crib, I think we might do that in the next coming weeks. I can’t wait to get that all set up in the nursery and I have a feeling that it will really hit me when its there.

{Milestone} I’m 6 months pregnant!

8 thoughts on “24 weeks – I can still shave my legs!

  1. Ahhh yes – go mode. I am almost 2 weeks away from delivering and I am still in go mode! It hurts, as I will have one good ‘go’ day, but then I have to very quiet days to follow it up. You will be amazed, but you will (eventually) learn to love sitting down and putting your feet up. As for the leg shaving thing, you go girl!
    I absolutely adore your baby belly – you look absolutely fabulous!

    • I can’t believe you are only 2 weeks away… how are you feeling? Sending positive thoughts your way and patiently (yea right, when am I ever being patient) waiting to hear the good news. Is Mama Bird coming down to be with you?
      I agree with you on the 1 “go” day and then 2 “rest” days – this past weekend was madness and I was so exhausted that last night I fell asleep at 8:30pm. Felt GREAT this morning. Call or text or email if you need anything. xoxo

    • Great suggestion – I do keep my feet up a lot at work and I try to rest a lot at home but there is ALWAYS something going on! And no… do not want to be on bed rest at ALL!!!!!

  2. I can still shave my legs with 3.5 weeks to go 🙂 I am with you on the trying to do it all! I was go-go-go all weekend – Museum Center, party, working on the nursery, washing/boiling ALL the bottles/breast pump stuff, helping clean the garage (so the new mini van fits!), yoga, grocery store etc etc. And then at 10 pm Sunday night ended up taking our daughter to the ER for breathing issues (she’s fine, thankfully, but she threw up all over everything on the way there so then we had to clean carseat/van/clothes/bag when we got home). I am STILL trying to recover …

    • You are quite the rock star – I hope I can say I’m still shaving my legs in my last month. I was just proud that I could do it at my 6 month mark. Okay, glad I’m not the only crazy prego out there that just does NOT want to quite. And oh my goodness.. hoping little girl is doing okay. That must have been SCARY! Thanks for the comments!

  3. I’m not sure if I could shave my legs at 24 weeks or just used the belly as an excuse not to . . .either way those puppies didn’t get too much TLC! Love your belly! And can’t wait to see the 3D pics!

    • LOL – too funny Caroline! Well, I’m thinking the legs won’t get too much attention ONCE Abbey arrives. I hear that I’ll be lucky to even take a shower. Love reading your blog and seeing all the pics of Mr. Finn – he is getting so big. Please please please.. take LOTS of pictures of Maddux when he arrives, can’t wait for the good report from Lauren!.

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