28 Weeks – 3D is WAY cool

{28 Weeks}

Pregnancy has been such a great time for me. Of course it has been a hot summer but really I’ve enjoyed every second carrying my baby girl. I’ve also thought that the pregnancy all happening in one year has helped it to go pretty quickly but I still needed something to break up the stretch between my 19 and 36 week ultrasound.

All snuggled up - can't wait to snuggle up with her!

Thank goodness there is Becoming Mom Spa to help! After consulting with Dr. Cali, I went ahead and scheduled a 3D ultrasound at 27.5 weeks which is just smack in the middle of the other two ultrasounds. WOW…if you have never seen 3D ultrasound pictures you have to check mine out (here is a link to all 38 pictures – just put in my name and date was 9/1/11) it was so cool. The tech was pretty great and really worked hard to get great facial shots of Abbey who was not really cooperating in the least bit. Abbey was curled up snuggled against my belly on the right side and she looked like a closing chair with her legs and feet right in front of her face. Only a few times did she stretch out her legs and let the tech get a few great shots. At one point Abbey stretched her legs out and kicked me then we saw a grin on her face, pretty funny! We also were reminded at how flexible a baby can be, especially with Abbey’s foot literally on her forehead! Good thing I registered for those swaddle blankets, seems like my baby girl is going to really like being curled up. Oh, and it also seems like she will love snuggling, great by me!

Have to also share this funny little story about my doctor appointment yesterday. As I’m sure you all know, I have grown very close to my doctor and feel as though we have a pretty great doc/patient relationship. We joke around and normally George is there to throw in a few jabs as well. But at the appointment on Tuesday I went by myself (I had to go at an odd time for my glucose test) and as we were talking about pediatricians and classes coming up he casually threw this in the mix, “Tell George that you have decided to use cloth diapers!” Literally this man’s eyes lit up and he was so excited to basically scare George by me telling him that Cali is suggesting we use the cloth diapers. I started laughing of course and told Cali that was a perfect joke because George also does all the laundry. When Cali heard this news he started laughing even harder and told me he couldn’t wait for George’s response. Love that man, who else gets to joke around with their doctor like that? I also promised him a bottle of Scotch at the delivery, I think he has earned it!

{Belly Updates}

Rainy cold night, we captured the picture anyways!

{How far along?} 28 Weeks 3 days and only 81 days till my due date!

{Total weight gain} At my last doctor appointment (Tuesday) I gained 4.5 pounds putting my total at 16.5 pounds. My favorite nurse, Amy, is always trying to make that part painless and says stuff like, “Hey… this is the ONE time you can gain as much weight as you want!” Still, I don’t want to just gain all the weight I “want” because I never was able to get it all off after Hope. Either way, I’m okay with a total so far being 16.5 pounds especially since Dr. Cali said I should only gain 30lbs MAX.

{How big is baby?} Not exactly sure how big Abbey is because the ultrasound tech at Becoming Mom Spa said they weren’t able to do measurements. However, Dr. Cali measured my belly yesterday and when I asked the measurement he said “30.” I thought, okay probably 30 inches and asked him, “do you mean 30 inches?” His reply was, “Nope, you are measuring 30 weeks!” YIKES! I’m guessing this is no big deal because he didn’t fuss over it at all.

{Maternity clothes?} YES! And thanks to all my friends and mom for buying and passing along more clothes for me to wear. Its nice to have a change in the wardrobe even if most of it is “pre-loved.”

{Sleep?} I think my body is getting used to the fact that I’m not going to be sleeping on my back or belly for a little while longer and therefore is just okay with the left (or right) side for now. I am having a hard time completely staying on my left side but when I looked it up the other day it just mentioned that pregnant women should “favor” their left side. Thank goodness because my left hip is needing an occasional break!

28 weeks, lots of belly!

{Best moment this week?} The 3D ultrasound has been the best moment over the past week. I loved watching Abbey curl up and move around in such detail. I loved her already chubby cheeks and can’t wait to kiss all over the toes that were blocking her face.

{Movement?} LOTS! She is still a night owl and likes to move around during the 9-10:30 time. She does move some during the day and normally mid-morning she is pretty active. I’m wondering how many naps this little girl is taking everyday and sort of wishing I could take them with her.

{Food cravings?} Funny enough, George had the craving this week! His pregnancy-sympathy craving took us to Dunkin’ Donuts at 9:30 on Sunday night and made me laugh pretty hard that he had a craving and not me. As for me, I don’t really have a “craving” but I can tell that I am definitely more hungry than normal. I almost can’t wait to get up and have breakfast, its becoming a favorite meal for me.

{Labor signs?} Nope!

{Belly button in or out?} In….barely! I give it a few more weeks before I sport an outy!

{What I miss} I keep seeing all these people running in the cool weather and I would love to go for a run.

{What I’m looking forward to} I have a shower coming up at the end of this month that I am looking forward to and mainly because I know that I get to call Mom and Kat over to help me organize and finish up the nursery. I love getting stuff for Abbey, especially clothes and I look forward to all the PINK we are about to be surrounded by!

{Milestone} I can still touch my toes! I can’t breathe when I do it but there is a touch!!

One thought on “28 Weeks – 3D is WAY cool

  1. Jesy you are glowing – and should be!! I’m so happy to hear the ultrasounds was such a great experience. Hopefully I get to see you soon!

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