30 Weeks – Did I just crave steamed broccoli?

{30 Weeks}

The past 2 weeks have been pretty busy for The Herron Nest so expect this to be a pretty detailed update.

Proud Mom, Dad and Baby Henry

George and I have added a nephew to our family, welcome baby Henry Herron. Sarah and CJ became proud parents on 9/9/11 at 11:58 pm. Sarah probably doesn’t appreciate me saying this but… seriously, Henry couldn’t have waited 2 more minutes? How fun to say you were born on 9/10/11. And if he would have waited just 15 minutes he would have been born on 9/10/11 12:13 am. Oh well, we have a healthy and very cute new nephew to love on and that is the most important part. Last update on Henry, he has CJ’s feet! These honkers are so big that George has started calling him Sasquatch (sp?).

In other news, George and I started our baby classes. Luckily Dr. Caligaris decided that we didn’t need to take the full birthing classes (sort of been there, done that) so we opted in for the breastfeeding, baby care basics and infant/toddler CPR classes. We took breastfeeding and baby care basics last night and learned some great stuff but then some was just super repetitive. I guess that is supposed to help us remember, who knows! There is SO MUCH information to take in! George and I are master swaddlers and can’t wait to snuggle up our baby girl. Side note – thanks to the video we watched on breast feeding I’ll be stocking up on Lanolin nipple cream (saw some scary-ass nipples in that video) and making sure I don’t give myself a hard time if I have to use formula. By the way the doctor in the video talked about formula, you would think it carries diseases. I am going to give breast feeding my best shot and let’s hope it works and Abbey latches and all the stars in the universe line-up according to the breast feeding gods plan but if not then not and that is that!

only 1 week old...look at those honkers!

Lastly, thanks to BecomingMom Spa I won another 3D ultrasound plus massage package! I’m going to hurry up and use the ultrasound next Monday before Abbey gets to big and squished but I’m going to save up the massage for a few more weeks.

{Belly Updates}

{TAKE 1} Of course George was being dumb...and clearly making me laugh!

{TAKE 2} Trying to keep from busting out laughing again!

{How far along?} 30 Weeks 1 dayand only 69 days till my due date!

{Total weight gain} At my last doctor appointment I gained 4.5 pounds putting my total at 16.5 pounds. But lately I feel like all I do is EAT EAT EAT so I’m sure my weight gain will be about the same on Monday when I go back to the doctor.

{How big is baby?} According to my website resources, Abbey should be a little bigger than 15 inches long and weigh almost 3 lbs. I’ll find out for sure how big she is at our 36 week ultrasound (6 more weeks) and on Monday we’ll see how big my belly is measuring. Last appointment I was measuring 30 weeks when I was only 28 weeks and a few days, yikes!

{Maternity clothes?} OH goodness, I had another emergency run to Macy’s last week. If you are in the Cincy area, you know how chilly it got last week for a few days. I broke out a pair of my thicker khakis that I wore my last pregnancy. I put them on and they felt a big snug but still comfortable….when I was standing! After I was sitting in the car for 10 minutes I thought I was going to pass-out by how snug they were on my lower stomach and booty. After a few morning meetings I quickly sped off to Macy’s and purchased a new pair of fall-colored pants. So glad Macy’s is seriously a few blocks away. Only problem is that I had to have mad restraint walking through the baby clothes to get to the maternity department. Too many cute dresses!

{Sleep?} I am getting sleep but sometimes I toss and turn so much that it is just the broken up kind. Plus my body is literally aching when I get up from sleeping on one side for so long. Can’t wait to cash in on my free massage at the BecomingMom Spa. It will be soon!

{Best moment this week?} I’m really enjoying the additions to Abbey’s room. Anytime she gets something new or we have made a change to her decor is fun because I get to tinker and linger in the nursery with a purpose. Even sorting her little clothes for laundry (thank you George for actually doing the laundry) and putting them away in drawers, on hangers in the closet or even in her new pink storage box for future use when she’s older. I’m sure this will get old but for now I’m really enjoying these little moments. Oh my goodness, she has a place for just about everything: her shoes, hair accessories, bath time accessories and toys.

there she is at 30 weeks!

{Movement?} YES! This little girl is trying to punch her way out! I love being on the couch with George at night and watching my stomach literally move. Sometimes it catches me off guard and I have to hold on to something because her kicks and moves are getting more and more strong but nothing hurts and it just gives me an excuse to talk to her. I love when George has his hand on my belly and he gets kicked, we both immediately look at each other with these eyes lit up and say to each other, “did you feel that!”

{Food cravings?} I’m the one back to having cravings, no doubt about that. And one of my weird cravings would have to be a recent one of steamed broccoli with butter. You should have seen my last Friday night. I don’t normally eat a lot of food at night for dinner or even after, it is probably because of how sick it makes me feel. So after I attempted to eat a bowl of cereal that I had been eating for the past 4 months (didn’t go well and I made my brother take home the box) I started to feel queezy. George and Matt had hung out that night and I was home by myself. After the queezy feeling went away I all of a sudden got really hungry and headed straight to Kroger for a craving run. WOAH! I picked up a bag broccoli you microwave, thin crust Kroger Margarita pizza, 4 little cups of different flavor Edy’s ice cream, and caramel-apple suckers. Don’t worry I didn’t eat EVERYTHING when I got home but I put a big dent in my purchased items. Lord help me when I get to that scale!

{Labor signs?} Nope!

****Adding a new category****

{Heart Burn} HELL YES and it sucks!

{Belly button in or out?} In….barely! Each week I’m losing my “innie” belly button.

{What I miss} Energy! I’m back to being tired and my back is starting to ache when I get out of bed so I miss not being so achy!

{What I’m looking forward to} There are a couple of things to look forward to…

  1. 2 showers on Sunday – don’t get me wrong, I’m really excited to see family and friends and open all these exciting gifts for Abbey but I’m also REALLLLLLLLLLLLLY looking forward to my Aunt Karen’s cookies!!! Just wait till I take a picture of these bad boys, they will most likely be pretty but they taste soooooooo good! If you are coming to a shower this weekend, get your sweet tooth prepared for these bad boys!
  2. Doctor appointment on Monday morning – I love going to Cali’s office and seeing my favorite nurses and of course Dr. Cali himself. Plus, we get to hear Abbey’s heartbeat and I get to chat Dr. Cali’s ear off about my latest questions. Did I mention that I’m buying him a bottle of Scotch to have at the hospital after the delivery? Poor guy deserves it!
  3. ANOTHER 3D Ultrasound!!! Woo hoo, I’m a winner of a Facebook contest from BecomingMom Spa and I will surely reap the benefits on Monday evening. Can’t wait to see baby girl and this time family is coming with me. The room holds 6-8 people “comfortably” so the following will be coming along: Mom, Dad, Kathy, Scrooge, and my Grandma. When I asked Grandma she just said, “Ohhhhh… that would be neat” If you know my Grandma, you know that “Ohhhhhh…” has a unique tone to it!
  4. Can’t say I’m not looking forward to a free massage because I’m TOTALLY up for it! I’m really hoping its the kind where I can lay on my stomach on a table with a hole for the belly…ahhhhh… being on my stomach will be such joy!

{Milestone} 30 Weeks people… less than 10 weeks till Abbey Road Herron graces us with her presence. My guess is that she will come into this world the way that I know she is my daughter…. LOUD!

11 thoughts on “30 Weeks – Did I just crave steamed broccoli?

  1. You. Look. Fabulous. Seriously! You look great!!!! I’m so happy for you, that you’re feeling well and that all is going well. Can’t wait to meet little Abbey!

  2. I can’t wait for this weekend. It will be such a girly, girly baby time!!!!! And Karen’s cookies are the best…….Thanks Karen for agreeing to make them. I know they take a whole, whole lot of time!!!! Your belly looks so cute Jesy……….and I loved feeling Abbey kick tonight!!!

  3. Thanks everyone! I think pregnancy and I work pretty well together…however, I’d like a damn baby this time around!! 🙂

    Also can’t wait for this weekend. Shari, so sorry you are missing out and especially missing A.K.’s cookies. I’ll facetime you on Saturday (if available) so you can take a sneak peek at what they look like – we will be decorating that day!

    Mom, thanks again for coming over last night and for all your help. George has both window treatments hung and I’m going to order the blinds this afternoon (hopefully). Also glad you got to feel Abbey kick… p.s. she is going crazy right now!!

    • Text me and I will let you know if we are around the computer! I would love to see everything! We have soccer at noon and then the NICU annual picnic following…

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