32 Weeks – I think I pushed the PANIC button!

{32 Weeks}

On Monday I was getting ready for work and all of a sudden it hit me. What week am I currently? Am I just starting my 31st week? Oh crap, is this my start to 32 weeks? So I had to yell to George to confirm and he gave one of the man grumbles and said I think 32 weeks. In the words of a particular Despicable Me Minion, “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?” Holy crap, I’m 32 weeks pregnant! Holy crap, I’m going to have a baby sometime in November (hopefully)! Holy crap, our bathroom is going to be gutted starting on Monday. And finally, HOLY CRAP, we have Abbey stuff all over the place and not too mention we still need a car seat! I think I pushed the PANIC button!

I need to remind myself these days to just breathe and relax. Technically, I can assume that I have a little less than 8 weeks (dangit, that gave me heart palpitations again) to get this all done and some days that sounds like a long time. I also need to remind myself that keeping calm is best for me and Abbey (and George). Plus beyond any of the panic, I always know that if I were to go into labor with the house a wreck, Abbey stuff all over, bathroom torn up and no car seat that one of my billion family members or great friends would always step in and make sure all was right in our world. George and I are pretty darn lucky to have this safety net in our lives.

Like I mentioned above, our bathroom will officially begin construction on Monday. I have to admit I was getting pretty nervous with the timing but some things are just outside of our control. For example, if your contractor has to have surgery, what can you do? I’m looking forward to a newly finished and completely remodeled bathroom but only having one toilet and one shower in the house is not optimal when it is the one that will be torn apart. This will be interesting! We have been promised that A toilet will be hooked up each night but showers will need to be done else where. Okay, despite the fact that I get up at least 2 times a night (sometimes 4) to use the bathroom, we should be fine to shower at my cousin’s house just a few miles away. More updates on this next week, let’s get to the belly updates!

{Belly Updates}

going for comfort these days...can you tell?

{How far along?} 32 Weeks 1 dayand only 55 days till my due date!

{Total weight gain} Hard to say, had a different nurse this past time at the doctor office and she was not helpful in the weight department. She had me get up on the scale (like the walk of friggin shame) and then she made some comment that made me slightly afraid to ask how much I had gained. MAN, wish I could remember the comment. I do remember that I was partly shocked, partly whatever about it and partly upset. I wonder if George remembers.

{How big is baby?} According to my website resources, Abbey should be a little bigger than 16.7  inches long and weighs about 3.75 lbs (where do they come up with these numbers). I’ll find out for sure how big she is at our 36 week ultrasound (4 more weeks). Doctor has stressed the importance of this upcoming ultrasound because I’m consistently measuring 2 weeks further along than I really am. So right now I’m measuring 34 weeks instead of 32, we’ll see!

{Maternity clothes?} YES and thank goodness Jami found more clothes so I have some variety again.

{Sleep?} I am getting sleep but sometimes I toss and turn so much that it is just the broken up kind. Plus my body is literally aching when I get up from sleeping on one side for so long. Can’t wait to cash in on my free massage at the BecomingMom Spa. It will be soon!

{Best moment this week?} I guess I can technically count last week too and I’d have to say that the baby showers were so much fun. Not only was I able to catch up with old friends and see my family but it was just so darn cute to have all these pink and frilly outfits come out of boxes. Dressing a little girl will be the death of my bank account!

{Movement?} I read somewhere that the movement should start to slowly decrease as to the lack of room plus they should be sleeping much more. I don’t think Abbey got the memo! Okay by me as I love to feel her kick and move. At the BecomingMom Spa ultrasound we had on 9/26 we were told that Abbey was in head down position so I guess what I’m feeling at the top of my belly are her feet and that can only mean she is punching my bladder.

{Food cravings?} I’m still wanting grapes and banana chips and I get so mad when I can’t find the flippin things at Kroger. I did find plantain chips….we’ll see how that works this week. Not too many other cravings right now except for salads at Silverglades downtown. I get to pick my own ingredients and it is just delish.

{Labor signs?} Nope!

{Heart Burn} Haven’t had heartburn since my last update but then again, I’m trying to not eat after a certain point at night and I’m thinking that is my saving grace.

{Belly button in or out?} In….barely! Each week I’m losing my “innie” belly button.

{What I miss} Sleeping on my belly/back. Can’t WAIT for that moment when I can sprawl out belly down and doze off to sleep. Too bad the “dozing off to sleep” won’t happen for another 3-4 years?

{What I’m looking forward to} I’m really looking forward to the 36 week ultrasound to see truly how big our Abbey is and to find out how she is positioned. I’m also looking forward to meeting her, I can’t wait to snuggle with my little girl.

{Milestone} I had to put my gym shoes on by myself on Saturday morning. There was a lot of grunting, feeling like I was going to pass out but the bottom line is that I did it! I could physically reach my toes and put on my shoes. Big stuff!

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  1. When do you start to pack your hospital bag?
  2. What do you pack in said hospital bag?
  3. Where did you keep said hospital bag? Car? By the front door?
  4. Do I need to pack newborn picture outfits?
  5. I was told to bring my own toilet paper (thanks to Sarah) but anything else you brought on your own? Snacks? Music?

11 thoughts on “32 Weeks – I think I pushed the PANIC button!

  1. Pack Now!!! You never know! As long as you and George know where the bag is, it doesn’t need to be by the front door or car. Pack comfy underwear and comfy clothes to lounge in. Nursing nightgowns (hospital ones SUCK!) and bras. Pack cameras, a “coming home” outfit for you and Abbey. Music will be good. Oh, one thing I had a friend bring me, were those little finger toothbrush things (do they still make them?). So many people were dropping by and I couldn’t easily get out of bed and those were great!

  2. yep, you’re right on track for panicking….next will be nesting!! i have my bag packed & i have it in our bedroom, because i keep thinking of additional things to add! i have nursing tank tops (from target), a couple different types of pacifier’s (in case i have a kiddo, like alexa who needs to constantly suck!), nursing bra, robe, cozy socks, comfy pants, underwear & your own pads…the hospital will give you depends like diapers (yuck!)…but make sure they are big thick pads (sorry, don’t mean to be gross–just real!), updated iPod, book, ALL of your toiletries–shampoo/conditioner, toothpaste, mouth wash, gum, candy to suck on, etc…FOR BABY: receiving blanket to wrap him in for swaddling–although the hosp. will provide you some as well, a big soft cozy blanket to wrap baby in while you’re snuggling, 2-3 outfits for baby, and i love naked newborn pics–so i didn’t pack anything for the hosp. pics & some hats for their heads.not sure if i’m missing anything?? but that’s pretty much my bag (or small suitcase i should say 🙂 )!!

  3. I packed my bag and Emmas right after my water broke! I basically waddled around the house with a towel between my legs because I was leaking! (I know TMI!!!) So, don’t be like me – pack now!!! I was so not ready for Emma to come 3 weeks early!! For the hospital, bring some of those travel size shampoo, conditioner, etc. That way you don’t have to worry about bringing them home – you can just toss them out when you leave! I brought my laptop to the hospital and never used it. I also brought magazines and books and never read them – I was too busy sleeping or snuggling with Emma 🙂 Make sure to bring an extra receiving blanket so you can roll it up and put it around her head in the car sear – their heads are so little and the car seats are so big!

  4. Jesy, Pack now. 🙂 For you and Abbey (and George). George can always take trips home (along with family) to get stuff you forget so don’t stress too much about remembering everything. Camera is important and baby book if you want them to stamp her feet directly on a particular page. Outfits for pics are a definite so that you get the outfits you want. I remember taking my own shampoo (trial size from the stores). The magazines and stuff came by way of friends, but as you remember I didn’t have much time to worry about reading with going in and being taken directly to the OR with Maddie. LOL! Don’t worry too much, most everything can always be gotten later except your camera. Make sure you have that handy at all times. 🙂

  5. Bring your own pillows and blanket. Your own toiletries (the stuff they give you at the hospital is yucky.) Comfy loose fitting clothes. I took baby outfits for pictures, binky’s and a special outfit to wear home, with a hat. Let us know if you guys need anything! Love ya!

  6. I second bring your own pillows. Also, bring wipes – a lot of hospitals don’t use them (in case the baby has an allergy). So they use basically soft papertowels they wet.

    Love the pic – can’t wait to meet little Abbey. Praying and hoping for wonderful things for you.

  7. Thank you everyone for all the great advice! I was reading these out loud to George and telling him that this was happening this weekend. I was told by a friend to lay out everything you want to pack but then let the guy pack it so they can find everything. I guess it is better than saying, “I know its in there… just give me the damn bag and I’ll find it myself!” So, I’ll lay it all out and he will pack it up.

    Looks like I have a few things to pick up per your suggestions too!


  8. Jes…..definitely pack your own music cd’s. In the delivery room they should be able to play your music of choice while little Abbey is making her entrance AND you may want your music while in labor. Luckily my anesthesiologist had some good music but still I would rather Nick have been born to Eric Clapton!!! :)))

  9. I think I packed my bag around week 35, maybe a little earlier, and put it in the car by week 39. My suggestion would be to bring something baggie to wear home, because you will still look really pregnant, and lets face it, you won’t want to look at your big pregnant belly after the baby is out. I brought a maxi dress and was super comfortable, although it was June not November. Also, bring something you’ll be comfortable wearing with guests there. I didn’t ever change out of my hospital gown, but I had a robe to go over it. It could have been a little bigger, I bought it around week 34 and could have used a little more lenghth by the end of the pregnancy. Snacks are a great thing to bring (I was personally starving after giving birth), but someone can definitely bring those for you later on too. I think the essentials are clothes for you and baby (don’t forget a jacket/blanket as it will be cold out!). Camera, phone and chargers, laptop. Our hospital was freezing so make sure your hubby brings a sweatshirt for himself too, especially because you’ll probably be hot and want the temperature lower than him. I don’t think you need to bring TP, at all. Leave enough room in your bag to take things from the hospital too!!!

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