The never-ending To-Do list

Why do we women do this to ourselves? We create the never-ending To-Do list and then ultimately overwhelm ourselves to pieces. God love George, he has taken on so many tasks especially with me being pregnant but ultimately I’m begging to have some of them back, but why? Is it the thought of no control that drives me bonkers? Perhaps. Is it the thought that I think I’ll do it better? No. So what the hell is it in our crazy women brains that drive us to want to take on more and more without giving up the control for our loved ones to help us?

this pretty much sums it all up!

I’m pondering this question but of course I’m already crossing into the dreaded territory of completely overwhelmed. Why can’t I ponder this when I’m tip-toeing into the completely overwhelmed? It would be easier to return to normal if I realize I’m taking on too much and start hawking it off to someone else. But NOOOOOOOOOOOO I have to make life way harder for myself at a mere 33.5 weeks pregnant.

So what’s on my never-ending To-Do list:

  • pay my regular bills
  • pay my medical bills
  • pay George’s medical bills
  • clean up around the house (which by the way has been taken over by the bathroom remodeling construction, UGH)
  • finish “Thank you” cards from shower #1/#2
  • continue to add pages to my pregnancy scrap book
  • pick out paint color for the bathroom
  • pick out towel racks for the bathroom
  • pick out toilet paper holder for the bathroom
  • get flower arrangements put together for shower I’m co-hosting next weekend
  • move my office and re-arrange at new office for work
  • did I mention that I need to clean? The unorganized construction zone of a house is driving me slightly more bonkers than normal.
  • pick out new shower curtain to match new bathroom (shit, does this mean I need new towels and bath rugs?)
  • pick out new bath rug (I’ll ask for new towels for Christmas, whew…one thing off my list)
  • pick up make-up, I’m to the point of scraping out it out of the container to try to make it work for myself in the morning
  • Carson needs to be taken to the groomers
  • have to organize kitchen to fit Abbey’s incoming “stuff”
  • order blinds for Abbey’s room
  • submit information for health insurance – but first need to get the doctor to sign off on paper work
  • get a flu shot
  • plant the mums that are just chillen in my garden in their original container they came in
  • clean out the refrigerator
  • grocery shop
  • get my car washed
  • get gas in my car
  • put clothes away that are folded/clean downstairs (thanks to my hubby who does ALL the laundry)
  • have a manager’s meeting for Challenger Baseball and all the responsibility that comes with my role within the organization
  • organize Abbey’s room
  • doctor appointments
(yes, a lot of these tasks were a product of a scattered brain dump)
Oh man… I’m exhausting myself thinking of all the things that I need to do. But let me just clarify again that George does offer to help and does a lot to help but sometimes I just don’t know where to begin in giving him some of these tasks to do for me. Not only that but most of the time they just swim around in my head and don’t ever make it to paper (or computer) for him to see the never ending list I’m working off of.
Questions for you: 
  1. How do you manage to get it all done (unless you don’t get it all done in which case you can also say you are in my “club”)? Do you have a secret strategy that you can share?
  2. Do you push stuff off to your husband/kids/other to help?
  3. Do you simply ignore the list and just hope it disappears? (I do this sometimes)

4 thoughts on “The never-ending To-Do list

  1. Sorry to tell you Jes that it NEVER ends. About every 6 months (for 20 years now) I say to Bill “I think by next month things should slow down” and he just nods his head knowing that it won’t. I love to write lists and cross things off as they are accomplished….it’s a psychological thing :)… keep writing those lists and rewrite as necessary because the one thing it does is allow you to sleep at night because at lest it is all ‘on your list’…..:)))

    • oh goodness, I was having a seriously overwhelming moment… just too much on the to-do list. But you are right, making the list is a good start. I do love how lists can be created online and synced with phone or iPad. Makes it easier to update at a moments notice. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Count me in your club! First….make the list, just so you can check things off…Sandy is right, there is satisfaction in being able to cross something off and see what you’ve accomplished, as opposed to just doing it. There will always be a list…as you cross some things off, new things will be added, so just don’t sweat it. Some things that just aren’t that important will get pushed down the list (planting mums…they still look pretty in the pot….and getting your car washed) and others will get done because there is no choice (grocery shopping and paying bills).

    • LOL, maybe it’s genetic?!? I agree with you, there will always be a list and you are also right, I need to find the art in prioritizing the list as that will make a difference. THANKS!!!

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