Tub, Toilet and Vanity oh my

What started as an idea from a great friend and interior designer, Patti Minniear, has turned into a modern brand-spankin-new bathroom. Do you remember this blog post? This was right after we talked to our contractor, Rick Sparks. He was tasked with taking ideas from Patti, George and myself and making a vision come to life. We started to talk to Rick in early August and after a few months he was finally able to start our bathroom last Monday. Rick promised us a 10-day turnaround and here we are on Wednesday with a beautiful new bathroom, he kept his word and did a GREAT job.

If you can’t remember our old bathroom, here is a reminder of the pink/salmon color tub and old looking tile and design:

Lovely Salmon-colored tub

Here is our bathroom after the first few days of gutting it down to the bare bones:

And NOW here is the brand new bathroom after Rick has completely finished our project (I feel like I should say, “Move that bus”):

George and I couldn’t be any happier with our newly designed bathroom. I just need to re-stock it with a new shower curtain, rugs and all my hair products. Oh yea…that would be my only complaint. Due to making more room in the new bathroom, I’ve had to downsize on my cabinet space. We’ll see how this goes!


8 thoughts on “Tub, Toilet and Vanity oh my

  1. You didn’t do your old bathroom justice………..what, no picture of the Hollywood lights!!!!!! The heat that came off of those babies could have heated your whole house if left on!!! Your new bathroom is absolutely gorgeous and money very well spent. I can’t wait to see it in person!!!!

  2. hahaha, so true mom! Those lights could have sent Sandy M. into a seizure or something, soooo bright. I need to find a shower curtain still, right now we have our old one up and I’m a little sick of the green. 6 years of green and ivy is a bit much.

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  4. We are VERY happy with how it turned out, how (not) long it took and just the overall value it will help on our house. No more pink/salmon tub!

    Liz – thanks so much for the compliment, do you still love your house? Everything from pics look beautiful.

    Shari – NO WAY! 4 weeks would be too long for a 1 potty kind of house. Pups were blocked in the kitchen/basement, we were both getting cranky, dust ALL over the house, and just the thought that I couldn’t walk through the front door without the urge of crying…..so glad it lasted 10 days.

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