34 Weeks – and the stress level is coming back down!

{34 Weeks}

You are probably thinking, this girl is a whack job! Just two weeks ago she was on high alert panic mode and now she is saying that her stress level is back down. Well, it is!

Here is the run down on why:

  • Great doctor appointment this week
  • Found a delish Gluten Free recipe for George that I can actually make and it ACTUALLY tastes good
  • Had a massage at the BecomingMom Spa, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • Bathroom remodel project is DONE! Click here for pics
  • Discovered the yummy-ness of Orange Leaf in Kenwood
  • And learned how to save a baby in our baby classes
Life will be getting back to a “normal” for a few weeks and that is just long enough for me to feel like I can organize around the house, un-pack the bathroom, make way for Miss Abbey’s “stuff” and get her room just the way I want it. Not like that really matters because she will probably be in our room for feedings, right? Either way, all of the organization will make me feel better.

{Belly Updates}

34 Weeks 4 Days pregnant

{How far along?} 34 Weeks 4 days and only 38 days till my due date!

{Total weight gain} Got a final count on my weight gain from my last appointment on Monday with my FAVORITE nurse, Amy. I’ve gained a total of 22 pounds which she reassured me was right on track and that I was doing great. I was hoping to not go above 30 total pounds for the entire pregnancy but it looks like I will exceed that amount. Hopefully by not that much. Whatever…I’m pregnant, right?

{How big is baby?} According to my website resources, Abbey should be 18 inches long and 4.75 pounds heavy. I’m thinking that unless she got her papa’s legs there is NO way she will be at 20″ or longer baby. When Dr. Caligaris measured my belly on Monday he just looked at me and smiled, then said, “your big.” I CANNOT WAIT to have this 36 week ultrasound to see exactly HOW BIG my baby girl really is in there. He has said that I’m still consistently measuring 2 weeks farther along.

{Maternity clothes?} YES, the extra large type.

{Sleep?} Since the beginning of the bathroom remodel project, George has had to sleep with the dogs in the basement. There was too much they could have gotten into upstairs plus there was paper taped to the floor to not make a mess. Carson and Housch both would have had that torn up in about 2.5 seconds. All this means that I’ve had the entire bed to myself. At first I was having a hard time sleeping with out George in the bed but after 2 nights I was completely taking over the entire queen bed. Then this past Tuesday I had a pregnancy massage at BecomingMom Spa which had me so relaxed that I slept so great and didn’t even get up to pee! It was AMAZING! I have another massage (thanks to George for my anniversary present) and can’t wait to use it up in my last weeks.

{Best moment this week?} I’m going to say that one of the best moments was when George and I were at Kroger pretty late one night picking up dog food. We were in the check out line when an older man came up to me holding a huge cake with a beer belly and said, “Who’s bigger?” I was laughing so hard! We literally compared bellies and I think I won, barely. He laughed and said that his was already paid for, aint that the truth. But the best part was the cashier, she looked at us and asked if we knew the guy. Ha, no!

{Movement?} Yes, Yes, Yes! I am having the hardest time concentrating on anything else around me when she moves. I literally zero in on my tummy and want to talk with her or at the very least watch her move. I want to tell everyone around me, “look, there she goes” but I doubt that it is professional to stop a meeting of marketing execs to have them look at my moving baby.

Belly shot 34 weeks

WOAH, is it just me or is that belly OUT THERE?!?!?!?

{Food cravings?} I have a feeling that my weight is going to spike because I’m all of a sudden wanting all the terrible junk food and fast food. I haven’t really acted on it much but I have a feeling that I’m going to find myself in a real weak moment and order everything on the McD’s menu. We were at Skyline earlier this week and I ordered WAY too much food. This is sort of becoming my bad habit because I don’t actually eat it, I just order it because it sounds good. Oops!

{Labor signs?} Not sure, I had some cramping yesterday but I can’t tell if it is just stretching. I guess I would really know if I was having contractions, right?

{Heart Burn} Nope

{Belly button in or out?} In….barely! Each week I’m losing my “innie” belly button.

{What I miss} CHERRY COKE!!!

{What I’m looking forward to} I’m really looking forward to the 36 week ultrasound to truly see how big our Abbey is and to find out how she is positioned. ESPECIALLY since my mother recently threw it out there that Abbey “could” be a 9 pound baby. Whaaaaaaaaa??? She was telling me not to wash many newborn outfits because it could happen. OH MY WORD, guess we’ll find out in 2 weeks. Another note on this is that George is now worried that his mother-in-law will be touching HIS washer and dryer if she is wrong and Abbey comes out only being 7 lbs and very much needing newborn sized clothing. Because you bet your ass she is the one that will be washing  all those outfits, haha!

{Milestone} George and I survived a bathroom remodel while me being hormonal and pregnant. Pretty good especially since it was our ONLY bathroom. Thank goodness Kat let us bombard her house and use her bathroom!


  1. How do you know if you are really having contractions or not?
  2. What do the contractions feel like?
  3. Did your water break?

11 thoughts on “34 Weeks – and the stress level is coming back down!

  1. I haven’t answered any of your questions yet, because we talk about the questions anyways…but..with the labors ones…here goes.

    Every ache and pain will you make you questions whether or not you are having true contractions, but let me just tell you, you will KNOW when they are real!!

    What do they feel like….the worst thing you will EVER feel, but they are sooo worth it, and I’d do it all over again in a second.

    My water broke at 4:15 am, as I was walking back from the bathroom. I thought I was peeing still…and I just knew that it was time. It was the most exciting, but weird thing I’ve ever experienced. We got ready to go, and called you guys as we were on the way the hospital..

    I can’t WAIT For that call from you guys!! I’m so happy for you, and can not wait to welcome that sweet precious baby girl into this world.
    P.S. your belly is HUGE 🙂
    Love you!!

    • I am definitely questioning every little ache and pain but also keeping in mind that I have time (or at least telling myself I have lots of time). I love that everyone keeps saying that I’ll just know, so I guess women’s intuition is going to once again prevail and I’ll just wait until then.

      We can’t wait either and yes, I know my belly is HUGE. When you sent me down to IGA the cashier was asking my due date and I told her the 28th. She smiled and said, good think you only have a few days left because you really look like you are going to pop. I couldn’t tell her it was NOVEMBER 28th after that comment. LOL

    • George and I like that prediction, he guessed at the beginning of my pregnancy that she would be here on the 22nd. Kat guessed 23rd (she is secretly hoping Abbey doesn’t ruin her Black Friday Shopping spree) and I guessed the 18th (Hope’s delivery date). I should run a pool!

  2. To me contractions felt like gas pains at first……but then realized that they were becoming very regulated and then I just knew. My water never did break until they did it at the hospital so that isn’t always the case.
    And when you get to 7-8cm and such boy oh boy do you feel it….bad bad words might even fly out of your lovely mouth :)))

  3. Oooooohhhh! I was measuring 2 weeks ahead also….and then guess who showed up 2 weeks before his due date and was almost 9 lbs??? So get your crap organized STAT.

    my water broke as i was getting ready for work, pouring a bowl of generic cheerios from ALDI!!!!!!!!! i thought i had peed a little…then i realized that i couldnt make it stop…therefore twas not pee pee. rob made me eat my breakfast sitting on a towel. a crappy towel none the less…the kind we use to clean up paint and dog pee. i never really got contractions until they gave me pitocin. pitocin is a biatch.

    Contractions feel like the cramps you get when you’re about to crap your pants due to mass diarrhea. At first you can deal with them…..and they get stronger and stronger and you say to your husband “sure, get the madlibs book out, let’s play” and then a contraction comes and you say “no no no no no madlibs” and then you get an epidural (which is really no big deal…people tried to freak me out about those) and then you feel warm and cozy and awesome!

    it’s all totally weird, but it’s fun too. woot! woot!

    • OH my goodness.. yes, I am going to be on a war path this week with organizing, putting all fun shower stuff away, setting up co-sleeper (George’s job) and packing hospital bag (also George’s job – heard it was easier for the guy to find all your shit if they pack it for you, we’ll see).

      HAHAHAHA!!! This all just seems so YOU! Can I please just tell you that every time I have to poop I’m always checking the toilet in case I poop out the baby, haha! I’m also afraid that I’ll be that person who doesn’t have a water breaking episode and just goes into full on labor. Or better yet, my water breaks while at work. Wouldn’t that be awesome, working with 10 guys and gushing amniotic fluid all over the place. I guess its good that we have a cleaning crew that comes in every day!

      Still laughing about your reply!!

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