36 Weeks – Bob errr George the Builder

{36 Weeks}

George tested!

George has been super dad-to-be this whole pregnancy and now that we are nearing the end he is also becoming the go-to for all things that need put together or plain old fixed around the house. Not too many things need fixed around the house but there are PLENTY of Abbey’s items that need put together. As you can see, he gets help from Abbey’s four-legged and fury brothers! From the baby gate at the top of our basement stairs to the co-sleeper that we’ll be using in our room and the crib for Abbey’s room and everything else in between he has been kept busy. Oh and on Monday George sent me a text that said, “tada” and there was this picture of the car seat already installed. There was this sudden rush of emotions like, holy shit this is real! Not like all the other stuff was fake or something but now there is a car seat chilling in the back seat of our car. So when I got home we set up the mirror so that we can see Abbey (both of us checked) when she is in her car seat.


We’ve been using the basement as our staging area and then slowly have been bringing up all her toys, clothes, accessories, and other items to her bedroom. I swear that we are busting at the seams. Every day I realize that I have to re-organize this room or that closet to decide if we really need all the stuff that George and I have accumulated all these years. Goodwill has been getting their fair share of our crap lately including every single old homecoming or prom dress that I ever wore in high school. Feels SO great to get rid of boxes and bags full of old stuff to allow room for our daughter and her billion and 1 baby items. Thank goodness my cousin, Kat, is the anti-pack rat and has been convincing me that I don’t need all my half empty bottles of lotion or soap or body spray. If someone dug around my trash they would actually come out smelling pretty tasty.

Needless to say, we are ready for Abbey’s arrival! Her bedroom is completely furnished and all organized and ready for her vacancy. Changing table now has a changing pad (silly details) and other fun things like her bouncy seat are all put together waiting her arrival. Last thing I did this week was packed my hospital bag. I used my lists from everyone’s suggestions and ran to Target for some of the other things that I needed. My dad popped over last night and asked how long I planned on staying in the hospital because of the amount of stuff I had in my bag….psh…old men!

{Belly Updates}

no more room...she probably wants to come out of there!

{How far along?} 36 Weeks 4 days and only 24 days till my due date!

{Total weight gain} I’m now visiting Dr. Caligaris once a week and Monday was my first “weekly” appointment. I was pretty impressed that I am on target with only gaining 2 pounds (one per week). Hopefully I can keep this up and still be under my 30 pound goal, currently at 24 pounds and technically less than 4 weeks to go! It will be close.

{How big is baby?} Oh man… drum roll please………..Abbey is estimating a whopping 7.5 lbs! WOAH! Still have 3 weeks to go, what the heck is happening in my belly? Of course the tech mentioned that she could be +/- 1 pound so we could be at a manageable 6.5 pounds or there is of course the other side of the coin at 8.5 lbs. Can’t wait to hear wait Dr. Caligaris says on Monday.

{Maternity clothes?} YES, the extra large type. I am now rotating the same 5 or so outfits to wear to work, good thing I work mainly with guys and they won’t notice.

{Sleep?} Yes and no… There are nights when I wake up slightly refreshed because I pretty much slept the whole time then there are nights when I toss and turn. All normal so whatever. I will say that it is a toss up on how tired I am in third trimester versus first.

{Best moment this week?} Another week of lots of things going on and getting lots of things accomplished = a GREAT week overall. Having the hospital bag packed, car seat secure and strapped in the car ready to go and just feeling all around ready. Plus our ultrasound and getting to see Abbey again.

{Movement?} Yes, continual movements from my little girl. One of the best things from going to an ultrasound would be finding out what that poke or nudge has been on my left side or right side of the belly. Turns out she is still head down and the pokes I’m feeling on my left is her knees! And I was right about the bulge on the right side of my stomach which is her butt!

{Food cravings?} PIZZA crepe PIZZA crepe PIZZA crepe

{Labor signs?} I am literally questioning every little ache and pain but nothing that screams LABOR pains as I’m sure they will have me screaming.

{Heart Burn} Back to no or at least not really this week. But in the ultrasound we did learn that she has some hair.

{Belly button in or out?} Still in, I really am surprised by this. I would have thought by now that bad boy would have popped out.

{What I miss} Lying on my belly for sleep!

{What I’m looking forward to} 2 things: one is our (potentially) last pre-baby date night with Isaiah and Heather and the other is my massage next week at BecomingMom Spa. George bought me a pre and post labor massage for our anniversary. I also get a big ole spa robe which I’ll be bringing to the hospital with me.

{Milestone} I walked around Ikea for 2 hours on Wednesday with the US Digital Partners design team. Yes folks, that is an accomplishment.


  1. I’ve heard that you can take your car seat to the fire station to have them check the installation (or do they put it in for you?), is this mandatory?
  2. Another hospital bag question – do you need your social security card or other important documents like that? Obviously I’ll have my license and health insurance card.

6 thoughts on “36 Weeks – Bob errr George the Builder

  1. Jesy, You are not required to go to the fire station at all. The reason they recommend this is a great percentage of Baby seats are actually not installed appropriately. Just call you local station and ask when you can bring your car in to have it checked if you want. My brother checked mine. If you can’t get a response from your fire department then let me know and I’ll see if I can have you swing by when he’s working by Kenwood Mall and let you know. 🙂 Also, all you need is your insurance card and I drivers license (though I don’t know if that was required). You can leave the rest at home. 🙂 Hope this helps!

  2. There weren’t a lot of fire stations that do the check but the Sville one on 42 does. Just call -it’s super fast. Good peace of mind.

  3. As others mentioned, no, it’s not mandatory to have the seat checked, but it is a good idea.

    Yes, take your ID, but make sure George has his, too. This may seem silly, but my husband forgot his when Jon was born, and while it didn’t cause too many problems (this was pre-HIPAA), it was still kind of a pain.

  4. I am so excited for you! I loved having these updates throughout your pregnancy! It feels like I am part of your journey!!! Can’t wait to see little Abbey! As for hospital bags … Hmmmmm …. not sure if I brought anything but comfy jammies and clothes to wear home … oh, I think I had to send Ken home for my toothbrush – even with the pregnancy I was induced with! Sounds like you are a much better planner than I was!

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