37 Weeks – Abbey is already a big, big Girl

{37 Weeks}

Sure, I thought my belly was a bit large but I just never thought I’d been one to carry a big, big baby. Guess what, I am! In my last post I shared how big Abbey was estimating from the ultrasound technician, but it was only an estimate and not entirely 100% bullet proof. Even after meeting with my doctor, this measurement is still only an estimate but he seems convinced that if I go full term with Abbey that she will be close to a 10 pound baby. Let’s think about some everyday items that weigh 10 pounds: 10 – 1 pound chunks of ground turkey, 1 gallon of water is 8lbs so we still need to add a few pounds to that one, almost 3 – 2liters of pop equal 10 pounds. YIKES, YIKES, YIKES! All very heavy items! I suppose my last few weeks should be dedicated to my two 5 pound weights to get used to carrying around Abbey. I have to say, I can not be more excited for the little chunky monkey to enter the world, baby rolls and all! So what if I have to take back all the newborn outfits with tags on them, more shopping, right?

{Belly Updates}

c'mon Abbey...let's get going!

{How far along?} 37 Weeks 3 days and only 18 days till my due date!

{Total weight gain} I’m going to my doctor’s office once a week and getting weighed now every Monday. However, my favorite nurse, Amy, was not there this past Monday so I refused to ask the “mean” nurse how much I weighed this week. The mean nurse is always saying weird things to me when I get on the scale. For example, this week I took my shoes off and jokingly said, “not like this will really make a difference” and sort of just let the weight thing roll off my shoulders. I’m SUPPOSED TO GAIN WEIGHT. After she weighed me she said back to me, “oh, it does matter apparently.” I’m sorry, what? Grrr… again, I ignore her and secretly and jokingly scolded the receptionist to text my favorite nurse and yell at her for me because she wasn’t there this week. Hopefully I’ll have an update next week on the weight.

{How big is baby?} Currently, Abbey is estimating at 7 lbs and 4 ounces and Dr. Caligaris thinks she will be a 10 pound baby if she makes it full term.

{Maternity clothes?} YES, the extra large type. I am now rotating the same 5 or so outfits to wear to work, good thing I work mainly with guys and they won’t notice. {same}

{Sleep?} I’m finding some comfortable spots some nights and other nights I’m tossing and turning. After my massage from BecomingMom Spa on Tuesday I slept great until…..contractions…..(see below in labor signs).

{Best moment this week?} So many “best” moments. The storage room was cleaned out and re-organized and the clutter of Abbey’s stuff she’ll need later was then properly organized and neatly put away. THANK YOU KAT!!! Is it sad that another “best” moment was when she brought over this amazing Swiffer vacuum for the daily sweeps of dog hair? OMG, I love using this thing and I think I have used it every other day since she brought it over. Only down side is that I’ll need to purchase the Swiffer cloths and I’m betting they aint cheap. Costco/Sam’s here I come. Another “best” moment was when mom called to inform me that Toni, herself, me, and Bethie all had appointments 15 minutes apart at Dr. Caligaris’ office. WHAT were they thinking! Of course we had to do dinner afterwards and it was a great time to catch up. Lastly, who wouldn’t count a massage for a “best” moment. That BecomingMom spa place is the SHIT and my husband is amazing for buying me a pre and post labor massage. Mini bonus, I also got a new plush robe!

as you can see there are a limited amount of shirts that I can wear!

{Movement?} After the last ultrasound I was able to learn that I’m getting a knee in my left side and I’m able to feel her ACTUAL foot when she pushes it against my left side.

{Food cravings?} PIZZA crepe PIZZA crepe PIZZA crepe (this still stands!)

{Labor signs?} I had CONTRACTIONS!!!! Actually, had 2 intense ones on Tuesday late night/early Wednesday morning. But then it stopped so I’m chalking this up to some false labor. It was quite surprising but nice to know that I felt them and I can recognize them in the future.

{Heart Burn} Back to no or at least not really this week. But in the ultrasound we did learn that she has some hair.

{Belly button in or out?} Still in, I really am surprised by this. I would have thought by now that bad boy would have popped out.

{What I miss} Lying on my belly for sleep!

{What I’m looking forward to} DELIVERY and meeting my baby girl!

{Milestone} I walked at Sharon Woods again, 2.6 miles. Well… it was waddling not walking, haha.

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