Holly Jolly Christmas

We are FINALLY getting into the Christmas spirit around the Herron house. Thanks to my mom and dad we received a majority of our Christmas decor from their St. Nick. St. Nick brought George a black Christmas tree for his Star Wars ornaments, a throw-rug for the entrance at the front door and a star decoration with Santa that hangs outside on our front porch. Oh yea and George just recently brought up the snowmen shower curtain….look out Christmas!

The truth is that with a newborn I haven’t really had the energy to get all the decor out of the Christmas boxes nor have I had the time. I’d rather snuggle up with Abbey all day then pull out the Christmas plates and cups and the rest of the decorations. Not too mention the fact that I keep thinking of all the energy it will take to put it all back… ahhhh exhausting!

I did do one other “holiday” type thing today, I FINALLY ordered Abbey’s birth announcements/Christmas cards. We are double dipping this year. Too bad they won’t be delivered until between December 20th and December 23rd which means I’ll have to HURRY up and send them out this year. Don’t be upset if yours comes after Christmas this year.

I guess I’ll try to get some light-up stuff up outside…it is 50 degrees right now and I can’t think of any other excuse. Oh yea, I do have a newborn.

Happy Holidays!

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