2 months and 1 day or 9 weeks old, but who’s counting!

I have to admit, the first month went much faster than the second. This is neither a good nor a bad thing just simply an observation from a new mommy. George is already talking about how he looks forward to when Abbey is mobile but personally I’m enjoying the moments when all she wants to do is smile and snuggle. Disclaimer: George also enjoys this time, he is just excited for the movements like crawling and walking. I can’t wait to remind him of that when she is getting into all of his stuff *smile*

2 month picture outfit #1

So here we stand, 2 months old and 1 day or 9 weeks old from birth. Abbey is changing so much every day and I really enjoy it when someone hasn’t seen her in a week and then tells me how much she has changed and what they now notice about her. I like to know if what they notice and what I notice are similar. One thing is for sure, she is getting BIG! I was talking with my mom last night and mentioned to her that Abbey was lying propped up in her boppy (right next to me of course) and her legs were now poking my sides when I’m sitting right next to her. Gosh, I can remember (just two months ago) when she would fit so snuggly in that thing and could literally get lost in the boppy because it would swallow her right up.

not as happy with mommy for 2 month picture outfit #2

As I carried Abbey in her car seat into the doctor’s office I was amazed at how heavy it was and how much I was struggling to carry her. I just kept thinking that she would have to weigh in today at 12 pounds but then I was thinking that 12 pounds seemed like so much. But sure enough, the nurse weighed Abbey in at MORE than 12 pounds and laughed at my guess. Abbey actually weighs 13 pounds and 2 ounces, what a healthy and very big girl. She has also grown an inch since her last appointment and is now 23 inches long. Abbey’s doctor, Dr. Somsak, was very pleased with the growth and development since Abbey’s last appointment and rewarded her with (gasp) shots! Abbey cried and then I started to tear up and the nurse had to ask if I was okay. I know I’m not the only new mommy to cry when seeing their baby get shots and then immediately wail in pain. These shot were originally a huge concern of mine but I have to say, Dr. Somsak talked me through each and every one and helped me feel more comfortable about Abbey getting her vaccinations. Mini plug, if anyone is looking for a warm and caring doctor that listens to each and every thing you say then gives the BEST explanations, you should check out Dr. Somsak. I don’t think this is the first time I’ve talked about her on this blog. Did I mention she tweets?!?! Perfect match for me!

What else is Abbey doing at 2 months old? She is cooing, smiling, batting at various toys when lying on her activity mat (thank you Robin and Mark Miller), holding her head up, blowing bubbles, finding her hands/fingers and putting them into her mouth and is a never-ending source of entertainment for George and me.

got to love our red eyes!

6 thoughts on “2 months and 1 day or 9 weeks old, but who’s counting!

  1. I still cry if I am present when one of my ‘kids’ is hurting and you know how old they are….lol….so that’s just part of being a Mom. Worrying never stops either…..my 84yr old Mom still worries about me so I know it is lifelong. All these things are just based in love and that is a good thing!

  2. First of all……..she is so darn beautiful!!!!! And second………when your child hurts whether it is physically or emotionally, it hurts you so much more. Most of the time they are brave and move on……..not so much for mom. It is on our minds for a long, long time. Those moments are always in our memory banks. But, on a lighter note………it goes the same for all the good times. Love Ya!!!

  3. she is the cutest cuddle bug!! i love you,jesy herron,but,i have to say she looks like a lil goerge..(don’t tell him,his head is big enough!),hopefully she’ll grow up and look like her beautiful mommy..ok,that isn’t coming out right..you know what i mean..ha ha…! kinda wantin to see her again,soon..? love aunt winda

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