Graduating from Baby to Infant Status

Woah, look out, Abbey is almost 4 months old! Hard to believe that my little newborn has now graduated to the infant status. This is becoming such a fun stage as she is really starting to develop a personality. Pretty soon she won’t want to snuggle up with mommy and daddy (gasp) so I’m taking it all in one day at a time, even when she wakes up ready to play at 3am (that happened a few weeks ago).

a mini Jesy or mini George?

Abbey continues to be such a good baby. I am on to her tricks though. She is probably thinking, “I need to be a good little baby so that mommy and daddy want to have a baby brother or sister” and then Baby #2 will be rotten, haha! Case in point: Jesy was a good little girl and Matt was…well…let’s just say Matt is Matt (just kidding Matt, I love you).

I’ve read that once your baby turns 3 months old, you, the parent really needs to start talking to your baby so that they can hear the different tones in your voice. I of course don’t stop talking and have already started this fun game with Abbey where I make a squealing yell sounds. To be fair, it does have different tones so I’m still on track for what she needs. She is imitating us every once in a while but her favorite imitation is to squeal and yell back at me. Daddy doesn’t like this game so much, but he is doesn’t normally yell nor does he squeal!

either pre or post squeal

What else is going on with Abbey?

Let me tell you, this girl is LOVED! The cheeks alone get kissed at least 100 times per day between daddy, me and our babysitters. But how could you not kiss these cheeks? She is also quickly becoming a daddy’s girl. Most times that George walks in the room she flashes that big smile and he melts. She is beginning to look for both of us but she really searches for George when she hears his voice.

kisses from her daddy

Abbey is enjoying all toys but really loves her Eric Carle lady bug, Sprinkles the frog at her changing table and the baby Einstein lion from Uncle Neil. Tummy time is lasting longer and playing on her back under her activity set is a favorite place for her to be for a good 20-30 minutes. Abbey also loves her swing and can push the buttons on her frog toy that is strapped to the swing, George and I have the song stuck in our heads and sometimes hum it randomly.

look at me hold my head, impressive due to my large cheeks

Overall, she’s a keeper! Every day George and I wake up to a healthy baby and we can’t help but feel extremely blessed. I never thought I could be so attached and love someone as much as I love my baby girl. The moments we have staring at each other, little smiles while she’s nursing, playing in the bath, doing our “Good Morning” song first thing when she wakes up and the giggle I get when we say “beep beep” as I point to her nose…..oh the list goes on! As I tear up a little because I can’t believe how fast it all going, enjoy these other photos of our little Abbey Road.

I'm on a bike with Uncle Rick

I love to play and press buttons

taking a snooze on Grandpa Bird

I'm 3 months old

5 thoughts on “Graduating from Baby to Infant Status

  1. “I never thought I could be so attached and love someone as much as I love my baby girl. The moments we have staring at each other, little smiles while she’s nursing, playing in the bath….” love this part and oh so true and something you can only ‘hear’ but not ‘know’ until you experience it. And the best part is that it lasts a lifetime and that is truly a good thing :))

  2. I am counting the days until I can hold her and play with her all day! She just gets cuter every day! She is such a little Jesy! And…that Is a good thing!

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