Traveling as a Party of Three

George and I enjoy traveling and have had the advantage to do so quite a few times since our dating years. We’ve gone on vacations with my family, his family, our friends, and just the two of us. This year will be different since we will be traveling as a party of three. I’m really looking forward to taking Abbey on her first vacation but there is quite a bit of prep work in the research and planning ahead to ensure (try to ensure) smooth sailing.

{En Route}

We have decided that we are going to fly for our first trip with Abbey and thanks to my pediatrician, George and many other moms online I feel like I have a pretty good plan for this leg of our trip. I have actually called ahead to Southwest Airlines to double check on the necessary documents that we will need to get Abbey on the plane and how to help Abbey’s ears pop while taking off and landing but the next big concern is the stroller and car seat combo as checked luggage. I’m sure it will all work out but I’m thinking of calling Southwest Airlines ONE MORE TIME just to be sure we are okay to bring the car seat and stroller with us to the gate and once we board the plane they will stow it away. Have you had to do this with your little ones? I’m just a bit leery!

{What to Pack?}

Packing for myself is hard enough and now I’m packing for a baby! At first I thought it was a piece of cake. I was actually able to fit Abbey’s Fisher Price Sleep and Play Rocker in the large suitcase and then her clothes would start to be packed around the rocker. But then I started to remember all the little things and it was starting to get the best of me. I would begin to ask myself, “How will Abbey take a bath?” “What if it is really cold at night, how many pants and long sleeves versus short sleeves and shorts should I pack?” “What about diapers and wipes?” “I can’t forget to pack her toys!” To be honest, I need to let this all go, it’s not like we are traveling to a little island off the coast of nowheresville, we are going to FLORIDA for crying out loud. Florida will have everything we Cincinnatians have so I can pick up the little things I forgot once I actually remember that I need them in the first place. The most hilarious part of this is that Abbey is now the one with the BIGGEST suitcase and the most baggage for this trip. The suitcase that will house her sleep rocker, clothes, toys and other accessories used to be the suitcase I used to pack all of my clothes and shoes. Out of all things I have packed for Abbey, the most odd one is her portable bathtub. I even think I went too far with that item.

Share your favorite (or most horrible) travel experience with your kiddos or share the time you first took your little one on the plane. I’m REALLY interested in that experience!

2 thoughts on “Traveling as a Party of Three

  1. Jes……why don’t you buy some of your diapers down here in Fl.? And we used to put a towel in the sink and bathe babies that way ( we didn’t have all those fancy little Just make sure you have enough diapers on board, in case plane is delayed for some reason. Safe travels and can’t wait to see you on Monday!

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