Abbey Jump Up

When George and I were DINKS (double income no kids) we really didn’t go crazy on a Saturday night but probably played cards with friends and had a few drinks. Occasionally, we would go to the movies or go bowling or out to eat. Woo Hoo! BUT NOW that we are parents we have a whole new form of entertainment and it comes in a little 5 month old package……This was our Saturday night entertainment….

(ps – turn your volume down or you will just hear George and me (mostly me) laughing)

Happy 5 months old my sweet Abbey Road!

3 thoughts on “Abbey Jump Up

  1. I absolutely just love the bows……..she is so precious and yes it does change your Saturday nights for a long while. I can’t get over how much she is chit-chatting. She is such a happy baby!!!!! Love, Mom
    PS……..I will now start calling it Abbey Jump Up instead of Johnny since she loves it so much.

  2. Thanks for the ‘Monday’ laugh….sooo cute! And I am with your Mom on the bows, I just love them. I think this pink one is my favorite!

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