10 Pounds Till Vegas Part II

Last week was “do-or-die time” for me in making my goal of a ten pound loss before George and I jet off to Las Vegas. My weigh-in days are Tuesdays which makes Monday nights feel like Christmas Eve because I’m so excited to wake up to see what my weight loss was for that week. Did I make my goal?

Starting weight on 8/7/12 = 193 lbs

Weight on 9/25/12 = 182.6 lbs

Total loss = 10.8 lbs (yay)

I reached my 5% target (10% target weight is 174.1 lbs) and…..


I should mention, regardless of the number on the scale, my journey to a Post Preg Hot Mom Bod (yes, I recently added “hot”) has taken me from feeling “blah” to feeling energized overall. Last Sunday I did 2/3rds of a mini triathlon by running in the morning and biking with George in the afternoon. I feel more confident in my own skin and enjoy putting on a pair of jeans that didn’t fit me even one week ago.

This is what you are supposed to feel, right? I will say that the downside to this journey is that I can get a bit obsessed with food and what physically goes in my mouth. I need to keep a balance of health and obsession so that I don’t go too far off the deep-end. I remind myself that I’m able to enjoy the things that I love but in moderation. I’m also aware that no matter how much I plan I still have a bad day but there is always tomorrow. I’m already preparing myself for a not-so-great weigh in after the trip to Las Vegas. There are so many plans around where we are eating that I’m just hoping for a small gain and then getting back on track after the weekend.

2 thoughts on “10 Pounds Till Vegas Part II

    • Thanks Andi, I’m in such a lull with all the fall parties and food it is so hard to stay focused. My weigh-in day is tomorrow and it will not be pretty. I think I’m staying the same but would like to shed a few more pounds before the end of the year. Keep up your great work too!

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