What NOT to buy for a baby

This will most likely be one of the shortest blog posts I’ve done on The Herron Nest but I had to get this out because I couldn’t stop laughing.


I was searching Amazon.com for the next best thing that Abbey could NOT live without for a birthday or Christmas present when I ran across this awesome toddler item, Jolly Jumper Bumper Bonnet Toddler Head Cushion.

WOW, really, WOW! First, the name just about throws me into a crazy laughter but then you read the product features and check out actual real-life examples of kids who have to wear this crazy thing. The best part is that this photo looks a lot like Abbey playing with her exact same toy, let me assure you that I’m not that crazy of a parent.

I would add this to the category, “What NOT to buy for a baby” let alone a 36 month old which it is recommended for under the “Product Features” on the website!

2 thoughts on “What NOT to buy for a baby

  1. I totally agree. No evidence that this will reduce head injuries which are often minor and part of walking. Still need to make sure corners on tables, hearths are covered. I think kids would have trouble walking in this cushion. What a scam.

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