One Month Till One Year

When did my baby start turning into a toddler? Maybe it was when she started getting her two bottom teeth. Or maybe it was when she started walking at almost 10 months old. But today for sure when she started saying “Ugh-oh” and “Oh yeah” while walking around the living room and kitchen only stopping to see me for the occasional bite of our shared banana.

Not only is Abbey turning into a toddler but she is becoming so independent during the journey out of “babyhood.” She has such a great mix of George and my personality. Outgoing, talkative, independent, spoiled and a bit stubborn (you can decide which character trait belongs to who). She is trying new foods, loves to hear herself sing (or screech), gives herself kisses in the mirror, gives great kisses to mommy, daddy and the occasional stranger, loves her dog, boy cousins and all her care-givers, keeps us entertained and keeps herself entertained by reading books, playing with wooden spoons or hugging one of her baby dolls. I’m ready for my baby to turn one but I’m going to cherish every little moment of “babyhood” for the next 30 days!

Here are a few pictures of Abbey at 11 months old:

3 thoughts on “One Month Till One Year

  1. I can’t believe everything she is doing! When I said “Hi” to her on Sunday and she replied back “Hi” just as plain as it could be………I was shocked. She is so very funny and has an incredible personality. She is just so happy all the time! I can’t wait to see her!

  2. She has such a pleasant nature (and I am not picking who she inherited that from…lol) and is just full of joy. I could not believe when I was holding her Sunday how she couldn’t wait for me to let her down so she could walk……and walk she did. You and George are blessed, not doubt about that.

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